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Review Of The VEEV One Pod Flavours

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Interested in fast and convenient vaping? No mess, no fuss? Then the VEEV One system might be the right choice for you. This pre-filled pod kit is used with VEEV One pod refills that can be inserted easily into the device and used straight away. You’ll get up to 2,000 puffs per pack of VEEV One pods and they feature an ergonomic mouthpiece as well as the reassurance of a well-known brand name.

As an added bonus, VEEV One is available in a whole range of delicious flavours. Which is what we want to talk about today. Because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how great a vape looks if it doesn’t taste good too! Here is a comprehensive review of all the flavours currently available.


VEEV One Blueberry Pods

If you’re looking for a fruity burst from your vape then Blueberry is a great choice. Sweet and slightly acidic notes of blueberries deliver sour, tart overtones. The one-note blueberry flavour is then finished with a subtle hint of ice, which adds to the sweet and juicy feel of the blueberries. This is a great introduction to fruity vaping.

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VEEV One Blue Mint Pods

If you’re looking for the sweet and refreshing taste of mint then Blue Mint is a great flavour option. Perfect for after a meal or for whenever you want your mouth to feel as clean and refreshed as possible, Blue Mint pods are reminiscent of your favourite chewy mint sweet. They combine the sweetness of fresh garden mint with a creamy base note of rich vanilla. Think after-dinner mint vibes but with all the refreshment of a mouth mint too. This is a vape flavour that works for all occasions. A great all-rounder.

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VEEV One Blue Raspberry Pods

Blue Raspberry is no longer just the flavour of your favourite cocktail or summertime slush drink. Now you can enjoy the sweet and sour delights of blue raspberry at any time, and anywhere! Blue Raspberry pods combine the flavour of two delicious summer berries. You can enjoy the tart and tangy sweetness of raspberries while the blue element comes from bold and mellow blueberries. Sweet and sour, refreshing and reminiscent of long summer days, this is a happy flavour that will make you feel good!

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VEEV One Classic Tobacco Pods

Want your vape to have the simple and earthy taste of tobacco? Then this is the right choice for you! VEEV Classic Tobacco is a popular choice for ex-smokers who still miss the flavour of their favourite cigarette. This has the no-nonsense, earthy tobacco flavour you would expect. Robust tobacco accents combine with deep, earthy base notes to create a hearty flavour that feels as smoky and enjoyable as a summertime barbeque.

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VEEV One Strawberry Pods

Strawberry is a classic, versatile, and universally popular fruit. In fact, a YouGov survey found that strawberries are the UK’s favourite fruit. Which makes it a great vape flavour to choose no matter the occasion, and no matter what the time of year. VEEV One Strawberry pods taste incredibly sweet and juicy. Their aroma and flavour are distinctive and appealing.

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VEEV One Watermelon Pods

Watermelon is the juiciest fruit and is the perfect way to refresh yourself and cool down on a hot day. The Watermelon pod takes all of these flavours and feelings and compresses them into one handy flavour burst! As an added bonus, this flavour has afternotes of strong, icy sensations. Like a menthol burst that will make your mouth feel cold and refreshed at the same time. It’s the ideal all-day vape and will appeal to anyone looking for something a little bit sweet and fruity.

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VEEV One Mango Pods

If you’re looking for a tropical treat then VEEV One Mango pods are the one! Mangoes are one of the sweetest tropical fruits with a rich, sweet flavour. If you close your eyes when you enjoy this vape then you could almost imagine you were on a tropical island. Though not as icy as some of the other pods available from VEEV, the Mango pods do have a slightly icy aftertaste that ensures the flavour remains refreshing and stops it from becoming too sweet and sickly.

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Choosing the Right Flavour

VEEV has so many tastes to choose from and is well known for the rich intensity of its pod flavours. They have a great depth of flavour and a focus on well-known fruity varieties that are familiar and appealing at the same time. It can be hard to know which one to choose.

Not sure which VEEV product flavour to choose? Or want to mix and match so that you can try more than one flavour from the One Pod range?

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