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Soft Filter E-Cigarettes - a welcome technology

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Until the end of last year, it was accepted that the end of an e-cigarette was made of tough plastic. That was the price you paid for going electronic. They were better for you, but you had to put up with the fact that the bit you put in your mouth was going to be rock solid. The reason for this was simple: the end you suck on an e-cigarette is where the liquid (which turns to vapour when heated) is stored, so there was always a danger that if this end was made soft, the liquid could burst out. And no-one ever wants that to happen. Thankfully, our industrious friends in China have put their minds to it and found a way round this potential problem, and hey prestom within six months, soft filtered e-cigarettes are freely available in the UK. soft-filter-e-cigarettes How do they feel? They feel just how they should. Regardless of how their predecessors accidentally stumbled across the spongey end when they were forced to felt they should put a safety filter on the ends of their cigarettes, these soft ended electronic cigarettes make the whole experience of vaping that bit more comfortable. What's Next? Die-hard smokers will find any excuse not to touch ecigs, and the plastic end was one reason you used to hear about why smokers would refuse to make the switch. One wonders if the only one left now is the classic "e-cigarettes don't burn down like cigarettes do, therefore I don't like them." Could this be the next technological breakthrough the Chinese are working on then? You can bet it is. We're already halfway there - Vapourlites recently introduced the 'micro' ecig which looks half-burnt. vapourlites-micro-ecig ...watch this space, the 'burning down ecig' must me on its way! portrait of a senior man exercising with a dumbbell