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The Sport of Cloud Chasing: Sub-Ohm Vaping on Another Level

Modified sub-ohm vaping gear can put you on cloud nine.

 It's all about incredible intensity and taking your e-cigarette experience to a whole new level. Not only is your device configured to deliver a far richer taste, but sub-ohm vaping delivers incredibly large clouds. Making — and chasing — them has become something of a sport in its own right.  Sub-ohm vaping is all due to the coils that heat e-liquid having an electrical resistance of less than 1 ohm. It’s also known as “stunt vaping” or even “extreme vaping”, as the clouds can get entirely massive. Certainly sub-ohm vaping is not for everyone, but if you’re a seasoned e-cigarette user, you might want to give it a try. The practice — or art, some might say — of sub-ohm vaping is really an extension of vaping culture. Its origins may lie in the West Coast of the United States before permeating the vaping lifestyle all over the world. Now, people everywhere are trying to outdo each other with their voluminous plumes, and they can take their heady sport to a whole new level with the great range of sub-ohm vaping equipment available today. 

Elevated Experience with Sub-Ohm Vaping

This fashionable fellow is getting a real lift from his sub-ohm vaping.

Competitive Clouds

For the serious sub-ohm vaper, big prizes are on offer at competitions all over the world for those who can make the largest, densest vaping clouds. It's become so popular that the activity has attracted sponsors and lots of fans, who are known as "cloud gazers". Competitors talk not only about the thrill of competition in creating enormous cloud formations with their sub-ohm vaping devices, but the satisfaction of being able to give up harmful tobacco. E-liquid containing nicotine is generally not used at these contests.


Sub-Ohm Vaping: Bar None

His friends are blown away by his serious sub-ohm vaping.  Everyone knows what cigarette smoke rings look like, and — as you would expect with the power of sub-ohm vaping — vapers at cloud competitions go many steps further. They attempt to beat each other with e-cigarette smoke rings so large you could almost walk through them. Some vye to make unusual and dramatic shapes with the sub-ohm vaping equipment that will catch judges' eyes and single them out as cloud-chasing experts.

Lost in the CloudsFind your way out of the sub-ohm vaping riddle with this handy guide.

 Others get even more adventurous at cloud competitions and resort to an arsenal of trickery to win over the judges. These include everything from the French Inhale to the Vape Tornado, Jellyfish, Lasso and a whole lot more weird, wacky and creative cloud formations. And of course, unlike tobacco cigarettes and what’s given off, with vaping, it’s not smoke at all, but merely vapour. It all adds up to a whole new world of vaping excitement.  

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