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Stoptober or Swaptober: Does Vaping Count as Smoking?

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So, November is on our doorstep, and that means you’ve probably heard of Stoptober by now. This October, thousands of people tried to quit smoking for the entire month, and the idea is that this will then help you give up smoking for good.

vape store online UK According to research, you’re five times more likely to quit smoking altogether if you stop for 28 days. And if your spouse or partner stops smoking, you’re two thirds more likely to stop yourself. So doing it together really is the best way.

Have you thought about vaping?

Vape pens are no longer a stranger to the modern workplace, and you’ll see people happily vaping on the streets, but does it really count as giving up if you’re still getting your fix from an e-cigarette? Simply put, research has shown that vaping is far, far safer than smoking. An expert independent evidence review has concluded that the current best estimate is that the use of e-cigarettes is 95% safer than smoking. In fact, Public Health England recently stated that vapourisers could make a ‘significant contribution’ to the ‘endgame of tobacco’. So if you’re struggling to stop smoking, switching to a vapouriser could mean not only getting yourself off cigarettes but also it could spell the end for big tobacco!

But e-liquid contains nicotine!

Most e-liquids contain at least some nicotine, that’s true. However, nicotine is pretty misunderstood. Here’s why. Nicotine is a naturally-occurring chemical that you can find in places like potatoes and cauliflower. But you don’t see us all trying to give up that Sunday roast, right? Yes, nicotine is addictive, but it’s not the cancer-causing chemical that you find in cigarettes. The effects of nicotine alone are similar to the buzz you might get off of a cup of coffee. The great thing about vaping is that you can address the cause of your addiction without having to get all of the tar and smoke that actually cause the ill-effects of smoking.

But what if I want to cut nicotine out altogether?

Well, not all e-liquid actually contains nicotine. You can shop by nicotine content, and slowly wean yourself off the nicotine if you so wish, so that you’ll end up inhaling the vapour from just the flavourings and the carrier chemicals. You can read more about e-liquid in last month’s blog. The biggest difference between smoking a cigarette and, for example, picking up a blu Pro Kit, is combustion. You don’t set anything alight, and so you don’t create smoke. Essentially, you don’t inhale the most harmful chemicals that you’d otherwise be inhaling.

Make it SWAPtober this month

Quitting is hard, which is why 70% of smokers would like to quit — but can’t. If you’re struggling to give up, or if you just want to try something different, vaping is a healthier, cheaper and more enjoyable alternative to smoking that doesn’t come with harsh nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Making your month Swaptober does not mean you’ve failed Stoptober. You’ll have still stopped smoking if you’ve made the jump to e-cigarettes. Get those tastebuds working again, improve your fitness, and stop smelling of smoke. All this thanks to swapping to e-cigarette. Swaptober is the month to do it, and you’ve still got a few hours left! Remember, moving to e-cigarettes is not the end of the story if you don’t want it to be. They can be used as a means to move away altogether from sucking anything other than fresh air in the long run. As long as you don’t quit vaping because you’re taking up smoking again, it’s fine by us!

Check out our great range of starter kits, and commit to a smoke-free October, November, and beyond!