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Why Quitting Smoking with an E-Cigarette Is the Best Christmas Present You Can Give

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If 2017 will be the year you tell yourself you will quit smoking, have you considered e-cigarettes? E-cigs allow you to stop smoking without the side-effects of total nicotine withdrawal — and they’re incredibly safe.

Christmas is just around the corner, so that means New Year’s resolutions are on the horizon. Whether you smoke yourself and want to kick the habit or think your family and friends would benefit from swapping to an e-cigarette, there is no better time than now to start.

With all the festivities and planning, Christmas can be a stressful time. It’s probably the last thing on your mind to quit; it might be all too tempting to reach for a cigarette after one too many at the Christmas party or spark one up (in the freezing cold, no less) as you finish off your Christmas shop. But the New Year is a great transformational period, allowing you to start afresh and make those much-needed changes in your life.

Save Money

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Christmas can put a huge strain on the wallet — and even more so if you smoke. The average pack of 20 cigarettes costs almost £10, so as an average smoker (smoking 11 cigarettes a day), you’d be spending roughly £40 each week. Compare this to vaping, where a 10ml bottle of e-cig liquid from Electric Tobacconist will cost as little as £2. Even as a heavy vaper, getting through a bottle of e-liquid every two days, you could be saving more than £30 each week — and be getting your nicotine intake — simply by making the switch. As a heavier smoker, you’ll save even more.

Do It for the Kids

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In a study conducted by the Department of Health, researchers found that 98% of children whose parents smoke wish they could kick the habit. Over half cite it as their only Christmas wish and would go to considerable lengths to get them to quit, including giving up their pocket money and going without Christmas presents.

Frequent exposure to secondhand smoke can be devastating for fully grown adults, but the effects on children are particularly harmful. Passive smoke puts children at an increased risk of catching coughs and colds and developing asthma. What’s more, children who grow up around a family member who smokes are three times more likely to start smoking themselves.

Swap to an e-cigarette and there’s no need to worry about passive smoke. The “smoke” that comes out of an e-cigarette isn’t actually smoke at all, but harmless water vapour.

Think About Your Health

Smoking is notoriously bad for your health. Half of all smokers die as a result of this deadly habit. Not only does smoking increase your risk of developing cancer (not just of the lungs, but blood, mouth and stomach), but it also makes you more susceptible to heart disease, stroke and emphysema. Swap to an e-cigarette and you’ll no longer be subjecting yourself to the hundreds of harmful chemicals (such as arsenic, tar and carbon monoxide) you inhale with every drag of a cigarette.

Aside from nicotine, there are three primary components in e-cig liquid. Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and flavourings; the former two provide the vapour, and the flavourings, surprisingly, provide the flavour. Some vapers prefer a thick vapour cloud, while others err on the side of discretion. Whichever way you vape, it’s important to note that vapour clouds don’t pose a threat to others. PG and VG are used in a variety of foods and drinks, from ice cream to your favourite can of Coke.

So what will swapping from smoking to vaping do for your health? Aside from significantly reducing your likelihood of getting cancer, you’ll also benefit from easier breathing, no more dreaded smoker’s cough and even a better sex life.

Swap to E-Cigarettes This Christmas

Choosing the type of cigarette

The benefits of swapping to an e-cigarette can’t be denied. Not only will you benefit from a healthier body, but a healthier bank balance, too. The stress of Christmas may make you wonder if now is really the best time to tackle quitting smoking — especially if your go-to is that much-needed nicotine hit. With an e-cigarette, you can vape with nicotine, meaning you’ll get everything you want from smoking a cigarette without the devastating consequences.

How many more Christmases will you spend stood outside smoking a cigarette in the cold, when you could be enjoying the festivities with your friends and family? Give yourself an e-cigarette for Christmas and make it your New Year’s resolution to stop smoking for good.

Treat yourself or your family member to the gift of better health this Christmas with an e-cigarette from Electric Tobacconist. Shop our range of e-cig liquids!