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The 5 Best E-cigs to take on a night out

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For some, vaping on an electronic cigarette is a full-time occupation. Something to be enjoyed as often as possible. For others, it's a way of weaning themselves off the hard stuff. The people in this latter group are most at risk of falling back into smoking when they're on a night out. For whatever reason - and this will resonate with most readers of this blog - one drop of alcohol raises the desire/need for nicotine (seemingly) 1000%. A good way to guard against this is to take an e-cigarette out with you and puff when necessary, but which is the best one to take out with you if you're not necessarily a 'full-time' vaper? 5. NJOY King njoy-ecig-ad The TV ads are very much geared towards avoiding a cigarette on a night out, with the tagline "friends don't let friends smoke". The NJOY disposable e-cigarette is a good place to start, since it comes in a tiny package. It's also disposable, so not the end of the world if you leave it in a taxi (everything you've ever lost on a night out was left in a taxi, by the way, trust me), and the nicotine strength of the 'Bold' flavour is nearly double that of most other e-cigarettes, so if you can't get a hit off that, then nothing is going to satisfy you. 4. Vapourlites Micro E-Cigarette vapourlites-micro-ecig This ecig is arguably the smallest on the UK market. It's about two inches in length, so the most unobtrusive of all those on this list. As above, it's also disposable. 3. NRG Disposable Ecig by blu blu-disposable-nrg-e-cigarette-p362-933_thumb There are a few advantages to this one: it's black, with a blue LED, so hard to confuse with a cigarette (therefore less likely to have you ejected from the bar you're in). It also contains taurine (and nicotine), so you can dance the night away with that extra hit of energy to keep you re-fuelled. 2. Energy Shisha energy-shisha-electric-tobacconist Worry not, this ecig still contains nicotine, but it also contains caffeine, so you may not need to have that extra Vodka & Redbull (your elderly author never did quite understand how this idea for a beverage was ever dreamt up, by the way). 1. The Vapouriz Evo 'Pen' Kit vapouriz-eco-ecig This is the only non-disposable option we've gone for in this list, but there are many good reasons why this is your ideal e-cigarette for a night out. Firstly, it's the size of a pen, so a lot smaller than your usual e-liquid-based device. It also glows green when you draw on it (alerts everyone that THIS IS NOT A CIGARETTE!). Finally, although it is not disposable, so you'll need to be careful you don't lose it, it takes e-liquid, making it incredibly cheap to fill up. For example, if you used 1ml of e-liquid on a night out (highly probable), this would usually cost you around £1. And we all know how easily we can waste £1 on a night out... portrait of a senior man exercising with a dumbbell