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The New Series E by Jac Vapour

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When mobile phones first came out in the 1980s, I was one of the first to have one. As a young man of a mere 60-odd years old, I simply loved walking around the streets of London pretending to buy and sell shares, when I was in fact a (mildly successful) tobacconist operating out of Holborn with absolutely no understanding of the financial markets. Mobile phones started off big, because they needed to be in order to house their over-sized batteries, but as time went on they became smaller and smaller. Technology giants kept bringing out more compact and easier-to-hold mobiles and ironically bragging rights went to the yuppy with 'smallest one'. There reached a point where performance started to be impacted by the smaller size, at which point the market was forced to ask itself: 'what do we want from this product?' Consequently size became less of an issue and, as long as it was small and light enough to carry around, performance and usability came to the fore. In a similar sense, it could be argued that the e-cigarette has arrived at a similar phase. ...which brings me onto the Series E by Jac Vapour comes in. The ecig market has been through the "needs to be big because we don't know how to make it any smaller" phase, and indeed went through the "how small can it go?" phase (see VIP Uno, or Vype Disposable, both of which are still on sale, but no longer produced) in mid 2014...but has swiftly come through both of these phases to a pahse where customers now only want hand-held performance. Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 07.10.13 The Series E by Jac Vapour is 'reassuringly chunky' as one of the Electric Tobacconist Team put it, meaning he felt he was in good hands the moment he picked it up (incidentally, he has barely put it down since the sample arrived at our office). It's still comfortably portable, but has a certain 'meatiness' about it which tells you you know there's some power in there. This, I believe is where the market has got to. I am going to christen this new phase of evolution 'I don't mind big. As long as it justifies the size'. Ironically, the mobile phone industry seems to have reached almost exactly the same phase, albeit after 30 years of mainstream existence. Witness the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (or the newer Note 4). Now, onto performance: Traditional (if you can call them that) variable voltage kits and batteries offer a range of voltage settings for you to choose. For example, the Innokin iTaste V3 allows the user to select from around 3 volts to 6 volts in increments of 0.1. The Series E has simplified this to just three settings: a high, a medium and a low (3.7, 4.2 and 4.8). This makes things so much easier. I always found that I only used the highest or the lowest settings on my iTaste battery, so this one has given me a middle ground to feel comfortable using, and it also gives me the confidence that I am being recommended three options, as opposed to being offered so many choices that I don't really know which to use. This also seems to negate the concern that I might be pushing the limits of the coil(s) in my clearomizer. If you hadn't guessed, I'm a big fan of the Series E. It looks fantastic and it feels good in the hand. Like the iPod did with portable music players, it has simplified the the whole variable voltage experience, making this area of vaping far more accessible for all. Lenny Stubbs Electric Tobacconist