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My Vaping Journey with... Vapouriz

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Every fortnight we run a ‘guest blog’ feature about the ‘Vaping Journey’ of one of our customers.
This feature comes from Jan Sparks from Bristol.

I have been smoking for over fifty years, all my friends and family smoked it was sociable and accepted in the workplace and when I went out with friends to a pub or nightclub everybody smoked.
Over the years with the information that cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, has made smoking and those that smoke unpopular with the general public, with the banning of smoking in enclosed places such as the workplace, entertainment venues and on public transport. It is claimed smoking is anti-social and those that do are left feeling ostracised.
The government has attempted to force people to give up by introducing legislation to restrict smoking in certain areas as well as continually increasing the cost of smoking year on year. I smoke twenty cigarettes a day and have done so for many years.

I realised that I needed to try and control my smoking habit so I looked at the options open to me: I could try nicotine patches, various sprays, chewing gum or even receive some hypnotherapy in an attempt to give up my habit. I tried a number of the options but could not find any one which I felt worked for me, so was left to carry on with my trusted cigarette. Then one day I noticed a man on a bus with what appeared to be a cigarette puffing away, apparently it was an e-cigarette, so I decided to try one. It was a terrible experience and had a foul taste to it, so yet again I resorted to returning to my cigarettes.

Then one day, I met with an old friend that I hadn't seen for a number of years, so we went for a drink, we discussed old friends and what they were up to now, as the conversation went along I said "shall we go outside for a cigarette?" She said no so I thought she had given up but she said "I'll have mine here", and with that she pulled out a green pen-shaped object from her handbag and began sucking on it with that the bottom of it glowed green and there was a white mist. She explained this was an ecig and was called a Vapouriz. She said that she hadn't had a cigarette since she had bought this some six months ago. She convinced me to try one.

When I got home after meeting my friend, I went on the Internet in an attempt to find the Vapouriz ecig, I came across a website called The Electric Tobacconist and found a multitude of ecigs,quickly found the one I wanted and ordered it. Within two days my Vapouriz Starter Kit had arrived. It contained everything I needed and explained how to set it up and there was even a concession voucher to use with my next purchase, I was now able to start my vaping experience.

Since I have been vaping it has been so much easier to socialise with my friends. Instead of having to disappear outside every so often, I can remain with my friends, no having to go out in all weather to have a cigarette. My family and friends are really supportive of my vaping and the fact that they are not having to suffer from passive smoking, my hair and clothing does not smell anymore.
Whereas I was spending over forty five pounds a week on cigarettes, one small bottle of premium e-liquid costs under four pounds and lasts in excess of a week. I have not tried any other brands as I feel this is the right one for me, and the service I get from The Electric Tobacconist in providing additional supplies is superb.

If you'd like to share your 'Vaping Journey' on our blog, please email us at help@electrictobacconist.co.uk and we'll show you how you can put together your story.