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Vinnie Jones Fronts UK E-Cigarettes TV Ad

Image for Vinnie Jones Fronts UK E-Cigarettes TV Ad
Former footballer-turned actor Vinnie Jones has become the first UK celebrity to front a prime time television e-cigarettes campaign. Following in the footsteps of fellow Hollywood actor Stephen Dorff, who has been the poster boy for blu e-cigarettes in the United States since 2012, Jones of Watford, Hertfordshire has been chosen to front a television advertising campaign extolling the virtues of electronic cigarettes on behalf of British brand KIK. vinnie-jones-kik-e-cigarettes-tv-advert The advertising campaign, which will air all of this month (June 2015), including a spot in the middle of the European Champions League Final, is thought to have cost around £1.2 million is not the first time TV ads have been used to promote the product, but the first to have used celebrity endorsement. Since a government ban on television e-cigarette advertising was lifted in November 2014, a number of British brands, such as VIP and Vype, have carried mainstream advertising campaigns. It remains to be seen if the the impact of using notorious British hard man Jones will have the desired effect. Manchester-based We are Indigo, the PR-company behind the campaign, will certainly be hoping it has a similar effect to the popularity of the Ray Winstone-fronted Bet365 adverts. Lenny Stubbs Electric Tobacconist