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Vype Launches E-Liquid TV Advert

Having recently released a range of nine flavours, British American Tobacco has ramped up its marketing efforts during the month of 'Stoptober' to include a television advert all about the new Vype e-liquids range. BAT and Vype initially appeared reluctant to launch into a range of liquids, seeming to fear the 'open source' world of mixing and matching e-liquids from all different brands, but this new range, as mentioned previously on this blog, clearly represents a change of direction for the firm. By 'open source' we mean that unlike the cartridges used on other variations of the Vype e-cig, the eTank allows any e-liquid to be used in it, so the brand is not tying in the user as much as it did before. This is certainly a risk, but they were risking losing ground to those brands that did allow multi-compatibility, so this is probably an explanation for why the Vype e-liquid range is now upon us.

About the TV Advert

"Ever thought about what goes into your e-cigarette? We have." This is the stand out line from the advert, which seems to play on the lack of knowledge of what goes into one's e-liquid. It goes onto say that 37 scientists have collaborated to produce an e-liquid you can (presumably) trust.

So what does go into Vype e-liquid?

Funnily enough, the advert doesn't say, but we can help here. The ingredients in the Vype e-liquids range are proplyene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, distilled water and flavourings. Now although these are fairly standard ingredients, BAT are thought to have high levels of quality control, so perhaps the advert is pointing towards the fact that Vype e-liquids are made in their own lab (Vype/BAT recently purchased a Polish e-liquids laboratory) in a cleaner and more controlled environment than other e-liquid brands (e.g. those mass-produced in Chinese factories).

Here is the advert:

The Vype e-liquids range, along with the complete Vype range, is available to buy at guaranteed best prices from The Electric Tobacconist® online, with free UK delivery when you spend £10 or more.