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What Happens When You Stop Smoking and Start Vaping?

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Find out here what happens when you stop smoking and start vaping.

Businessman offers a choice between tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette - retro style Smoking tobacco takes an incredible toll on the human body, and it's not surprising why. Anyone who regularly inhales an enormous amount of poisonous substances is bound to expect trouble at some stage. And it turns out that you don't even have to be a regular smoker to fall victim to tobacco-related conditions and illnesses, as researchers have discovered that just one cigarette a day is as bad for your health as half a pack. It’s no wonder so many people are switching to e-cigarettes, like the incredibly popular and satisfying Juul vape pen, to get them off tobacco for good. This is backed by health authorities including Public Health England, which says: "vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking and switching completely from smoking to vaping conveys substantial health benefits". Here are some of the cocktail of chemicals you're ingesting each time you light up a cigarette:
  • Benzene – an industrial solvent
  • Arsenic – a poison
  • Lead – found in batteries
  • Formaldehyde – used to embalm the dead
  • Polonium-210 – a highly radioactive material
  • Beryllium – found in nuclear reactors
  • Ortho-Toluidine – used to make weedkiller
  • 4-aminobiphenyl and 2-naphthyl-amine – banned in Europe, but used elsewhere in dye manufacturing
These toxic materials given off during the burning of tobacco cause relatively minor ailments such as anxiety and irritability, smelly hair and unhealthy teeth to turn into more serious conditions, like bronchitis, high cholesterol and loss of appetite. Then there are the real dangers: heart disease, a range of cancers, diabetes complications and much more. Who would willingly want to impose such real risks onto themselves?

The Road to Smoking Recovery

The good news is once you take what will hopefully be your last drag on a cigarette, your health will almost immediately begin to improve. Here’s the process: ✤ 20 MINUTES after your last cigarette, your body is already beginning to recover from the toxic effects. Your blood pressure and pulse, elevated from smoking, start to return to normal and you'll find it easier to breathe, as your bronchial tubes are free of disruptive smoke. ✤ 8 HOURS later and all that poisonous carbon monoxide — the same stuff that comes from vehicle exhausts — has been removed from your blood. ✤ 72 HOURS (3 DAYS) have passed and your breathing has improved even more, because your bronchial tubes have relaxed due to lack of smoke; and your lungs are filling up with more air, giving you more energy and allowing you to do more. You're starting to get a real spring in your step. ✤ ONE WEEK after you stubbed out cigarettes for good, you're well on your way to a smoke-free future and protecting your health. You've tons more energy and you're enjoying food and drinks like you haven't in a long time — because your senses of taste and smell, long dulled by tobacco, start to improve. ✤ ONE MONTH on and you're more than likely feeling amazing. Even more improved oxygen capacity in your lungs means you're practically leaping about and no longer getting out of breath from even gentle exercise. As the months roll by, women may find that their fertility has improved and men who had been suffering from erectile dysfunction may be enjoying a much better sex life due to vastly improved circulation, which allows greater blood flow in the groin area.

So What Happens When You Stop Smoking and Start Vaping?

It’s simple: You get your health, vitality and zest for life back. Begin your journey towards a smoke-free life now by getting a vaping starter kit from the Electric Tobacconist online stop. You'll get everything you need to get going in an instant — and get off deadly tobacco for good. Get your vape kit now!