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What Is a Cloud Chasing Vape?

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If you’ve ever asked yourself “what is a cloud chasing vape?” and have yet to find out, you’ve come to the right place.

Anyone who knows anything about vaping is surely aware of the ability of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices to produce vast plumes of vapour (and a good set of lungs helps). This has given rise to a kind of vaping subculture known as cloud chasing. Along the way, it's become something people do for kicks as well as serious-money competitions.

So, what is a cloud chasing vape, and if you're already a vaper, is this something you can start doing? Like almost anything, cloud chasing takes skill, determination and practice. While some in the misinformed media have hit out at cloud chasing and branded it an "extreme sport", it's really nothing of the sort. It's a harmless activity and one filled with all kinds of fun. If you're taking part or just attending cloud contests, you can make great new friends, too.

Come along with us while we explore what is a cloud chasing vape, and you can decide if you want to get involved in this hot and relatively new activity that's taking the vaping world by storm. As the inventor of the e-cigarette, Hon Lik has said of the cloud-chasing phenomenon: “When automotive manufacturers first started out, they were not thinking about a sport to be called Formula One. You always have groups of people who are looking for excitement.”

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Cloud-Chasing Basics

Quite simply, if you want to produce giant clouds of vapour, you need a high-performance kit. This generally means a more powerful e-cigarette or box mod, so that it can quickly heat the e-liquid and produce lots of vapour to inhale and then blow into great big clouds. The way to achieve this feat is by getting your hands on a powerful kit, as well as a low-resistance coil for your device. Now, we are well on the way to what's known as sub-ohm vaping.

To create huge vapour clouds, either for fun or in competition, you'll also need to open up the airflow in your vape gear. This goes hand in hand with upping the power in your device as well. More air means the quickly heated e-liquid won't burn you when you inhale it, as it keeps the liquid cool, and dramatically increases the size of the vape clouds you want to make.

The e-liquid itself is also vital in cloud chasing — and most on the market today are a combination of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). The former typically carries flavour better, letting you make the most out of your fruity or other flavours, while e-liquids with more VG in them are preferred choice of cloud chasers — although they don't always have as strong a taste as PG-heavy ones. So, if you want to blow big, opt for e-liquid with more VG.

When the Blowing Is Good

If you've ever smoked a cigarette and tried to blow rings, you know it takes a while to get there as you hone your technique. It's the same with blowing enormous vapour clouds, or at least trying to. It's all about the inhale and exhale as well as the posture of your body while you're doing it.

The key with cloud chasing is to practice emptying your lungs, and then when you inhale from your vape gear, draw the vapour right down deep into your lungs in a long and slow breath. It helps to push your shoulders back on the inhale, so you're able to fill your lungs as much as possible with the vapour. Then, hold the vapour in, angle your jaw upwards so your throat opens up to its maximum — and perform a slow, long release of the vapour.

The more you practice this, the better your technique will become — and one day, you may even end up as a cloud-chasing champion!

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