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What Kind Of Smoker Are You?

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There are many reasons for people to take up smoking and also why they end up trying to give up too. No matter what kind you are, there is a vaping option out there for you to try out, it is a great start to get you off onto a journey of giving up smoking!   The ‘chain smoker’ You seem to have got into the habit of smoking a large amount of cigarettes a day right? Not a great start and will make it more difficult to even think of giving up, but anything is possible! You should try out a refillable option so you can keep it topped up as you like, the TABlites cyclone e-cig is a great choice for you to start with.   The ‘I’ve had a drink’ smoker So you are out with friends and had a few too many (big tut tut on both accounts!) and reach out for your secret stash of fags and a lighter. Many seem to think after having alcohol that smoking is a good idea, but you could just have a vaping session instead? Let the light at the end of these fake cigs guide you by trying out a Vapourlite micro e-cigarette, they won’t take up much room in your clutch bag or back pocket either.   The ‘long term’ older smoker You might think you have reached an age where you will never change and there is no point, however look at the age I am at – as the saying goes you are only as old as you feel. There is always time to change a nasty habit, so why not join myself and the rest of the vaping revolution and give it a go? If you don’t want to have to mess about with charging an e-cig up (not quite ready for that much technology!) then try a disposable e-cigarette such as the Sky Lites brand.   The ‘now and again’ smoker For some reason you randomly picked up this habit and just do it now and again, but we all know what this turns into! So instead of joining others and ‘fitting in’, stop your occasional habit by getting yourself an e-cig. Try out a VIP chargeable e-cig so you can fill it with fruity and unusual flavours, a more appealing way to try and cut down.   Whether you fit into any of these categories or not there will be an e-cig that can help you onto the vaping train! Lenny Stubbs