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Which E-Liquid Strength Is Right for You?

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E-liquid, also known as e-juice and vape juice, is the stuff that makes your e-cigarette taste good. E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, instead, they contain e-liquid. E-liquid is vapourised by your e-cigarette, which creates the cloud that you can inhale. This is where the “vape” part of vaping comes from.

All e-liquids are different. Strong e-liquids contain a lot of nicotine, while the lightest e-liquids don’t contain any nicotine at all. Nicotine is measured in milligrams (mg). Sometimes you’ll see this expressed as a percentage instead. A strong bottle of e-liquid might be 2.4% nicotine.

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How Much Nicotine Do I Need In My E-cigarette?

It’s up to you! In our experience, nearly all vapers are smokers who want to cut down on tobacco. But quitting nicotine is hard! Most people who quit cold turkey end up relapsing. Many people find it easier to quit nicotine more gradually, by slowly lowering their nicotine intake over time. Start by matching your current nicotine intake. If you smoke a lot of cigarettes, you’ll need a strong e-liquid. Once you’re used to vaping, you can consider gradually lowering your nicotine intake over time. If your e-cigarette isn’t strong enough, then you’ll end up with the usual nicotine withdrawal symptoms and probably reach for your usual cigarettes.

I’m a heavy smoker, 30+ cigarettes a day.

You’ll want to look for the strongest e-liquids, at around 20+ mg. The standard e-liquid bottle comes with 10 ml of juice, which should be more than enough to satisfy your cravings. If you get a strong throat hit that isn’t pleasant, consider trying a liquid with a lower PG to VG ratio. Try our highest strength e-liquids.

I’m a pack-a-day smoker (20 cigarettes).

You may find the best e-cigarette strength for you is 18 mg. This still delivers a strong nicotine hit suited to the majority of “average smokers”. Try our strong e-liquids.

I only smoke half a pack of cigarettes a day (10 cigarettes)

Light smokers who smoke 10 a day or fewer will enjoy an e-cigarette with 12 mgs of nicotine. Try our mid-strength e-liquids.

I’m a light smoker (5 cigarettes or fewer)

If you’re only a casual smoker, smoking five cigs a day, using an e-cig with 6 mg of nicotine may be for you. You might find a cig-a-like starter kit convenient. Try our light e-liquids.

I’m a social smoker (Less than 1 cigarette a day)

If you don’t smoke every day you don’t have a nicotine dependency. As little as 3 mgs of nicotine for the occasional buzz would be enough. Try our lightest e-liquids.

I don’t really smoke

If you don’t already have a nicotine dependency, we don’t recommend acquiring one now! Try a nicotine-free e-cigarette (0 mg). This is often used by ex-smokers who still have an oral habit. Try our nearly nicotine-free e-liquids. While we hope that our recommendations are useful, they’re no substitute for some hands-on experience. Experiment with different strengths and flavours until you settle on something that you enjoy.

What’s The Highest Nicotine Vape Juice?

Our highest nicotine vape juice is currently anything at the 20 mg mark. VIP, Element E-Liquids and KIK E Cig all do great tasting e liquids at this strength. Element deserves a special mention for their use of nicotine salts. Their 555 tobacco contains nicotine salts, which they say allows for a more potent nicotine hit. The “Tobacco Products Directive” caps the nicotine strength of e-liquids at 20 mg. Before 2017, lots of heavy smokers transitioned to vaping using a 24 mg e-liquid. Nowadays these high strength e-liquids are illegal.

What’s The “Strongest” E Cig?

If you’re looking for a cigarette style model that’s prefilled with e liquid, then you can’t get any stronger than the Gamucci Instant Use Disposable (20 mg). This entry level device is good for 500 puffs straight out of the packet, once they’re up you throw it away.

We sell hundreds of e-liquids at Electric Tobacconists in all strengths and flavours. Visit our e-juice page and filter by strength, price, brand, flavour and more!