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Why are electronic cigarettes more popular than other quit smoking therapies?

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As we await the outcome of various regulatory reviews of the electronic cigarette industry it is perhaps now the time to look at why electronic cigarettes, in a relatively short space of time, are more popular than other quit smoking therapies. Considering that an array of quit smoking therapies have been available for many years now, how is it that electronic cigarettes seem to fulfil a need within this particular area to the detriment of perhaps more traditional quit smoking therapies? nrt-ecgis There is speculation that a number of the major pharmaceutical companies around the world have been briefing against the electronic cigarette industry in order to protect their own businesses. We have an array of nicotine inhalers, quit smoking devices and self-help programs but at this moment in time it would appear that none of these are anywhere near as successful as electronic cigarettes. Why is this? Do smokers really want to give up? One interesting fact which has emerged over the last couple of years is that while many tobacco cigarette smokers are fully aware of the potential health risks, they actually enjoy smoking, they enjoy the action and they enjoy the social element. This is perhaps one of the major reasons why electronic cigarettes are so popular, many of them mimic tobacco cigarettes, they allow users to smoke without the 4000+ toxins present in a tobacco cigarette and they are slowly but surely becoming more socially acceptable. Even though many so-called nicotine inhalers offer similar substances to inhale as those seen in electronic cigarettes, for many smokers and former smokers it is not delivered in the correct manner. Looking back it does seem as though the pharmaceutical industry has missed a great opportunity in years gone by to introduce cigarette-like products which, according to many medical experts, are significantly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes while still offering a similar experience. UK NHS quit smoking services A number of reports over the last few days have highlighted the fact that many tobacco smokers looking to reduce their intake, or indeed eventually stop altogether, are avoiding UK NHS quit smoking services in favour of electronic cigarettes. This is a very interesting development although it does put the National Health Service in a very difficult position with reduced income, in some cases reduced dependence and the emergence of a product which some experts believe will eventually replace tobacco cigarettes. Are various healthcare authorities still weighing up the reduced income their quit smoking services are creating against the potential long-term benefits of electronic cigarettes compared to their tobacco counterparts? Conclusion When you bear in mind the many different types of quit smoking devices and services available, prior to the introduction of electronic cigarettes, it is hard not to conclude that on the whole these devices and services have not been as successful as many people had hoped. If you talk to current and former tobacco cigarette smokers you will find that the vast majority like the action and the social side of smoking but they would like to reduce their nicotine and tobacco intake. There has been much speculation about the electronic cigarette industry but it does seem as though the mimicking of tobacco cigarette smoking could well be the key to why they have been so successful in a relatively short space of time. Brought to you by: Ok - E-cigarettes