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Why aren't we called Electronic Tobacconist?

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Many people call us The Electronic Tobacconist. It's perhaps time we explained the answer to a question many people ask us... If we are in the business of selling electronic cigarettes, and we loosely terms ourselves as tobacconists (even if we don't strictly sell any tobacco at all), then why are we called The Electric Tobacconist? Put simply, we thought the name sounded good! At the time of incorporating the company, we didn't seriously consider ourselves to be tobacconists of any description, but we knew our target would be smokers. Wanting smokers to feel comfortable in the environment of our shop, we decided to build the whole feel of our website around an older design and a general feel which wasn't 'all too new'. The fear with e-cigarettes was that people might get put off by seeing a new type of store, with a fancy modern name selling very modern-looking products (which was somewhat unavoidable), so we addressed the first two points by calling ourselves tobacconists and retro-fitting/retro-designing our virtual shop. Once we had all this in place, we felt the addition of something more modern to our name wouldn't go amiss, and we had a choice of Electronic or Electric and we chose the latter. It was less of a mouthful and just seemed to sound better! So there you have it - a little history of our company name! Lenny Stubbs Electric Tobacconist