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Why the E-Cigarette Is Even Better in the Summer?

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Summertime, and the vaping is easy…

The long, dark, dreary days of winter are gone — for now — and replaced with the warm, sultry and exciting times of summer. With the sun on our skin and a spring in our step, it's no wonder many of us feel our best at this time of year. It's also a super time to vape. Lots of people have finally managed to give up cigarettes and vape instead, and there are those who have never smoked at all but are now vaping. For them, there's the added enjoyment of knowing they are avoiding all those many toxic chemicals found in burning tobacco and that are so harmful to health. In fact, smoking and summer hardly go well together at all. Who wants to be around a human chimney during glorious days out at the beach or park, or at a picnic or BBQ in the garden? The smell of cigarettes is enough to put anyone off their lunch — and there's the real fear that inhaling some of that secondhand smoke can do real damage to someone's health. Young man vaping electronic cigarette and sitting on the tree. Daylight summer shot.

Cool Your E-Cigarette Fire

Top e-cigarette products like the Innokin Cool Fire 4 are the perfect vaping accompaniment to whatever you're doing this summer. You can vape away to your heart's content at parties or rock concerts and you won't be causing any discomfort to those around you. Instead of blowing smoke and potentially endangering others, your vaping device is only emitting harmless vapour and no-one is at risk. Plus, think of all the many summer activities you'll enjoy all the more now that you're vaping instead of smoking. Swimming, jogging, scaling hills and perhaps even mountain peaks; with these activities that are excellent for health, you'll have so much more energy to do them and be ready for more. It's no secret that smoking cigarettes zaps people's energy and generally makes them lethargic; a few laps of the pool is just not all that tempting to smoking lungs. But when people give up smoking and take up vaping, they usually report a boost in their energy levels that can be almost immediate. Their outlook and general mood often becomes much more positive and they find they're enjoying life more than when they were hooked on cigarettes and puffing away all the time.

Summer E-Cigarette Checks

If you're heading off abroad this summer and want to take your vaping equipment with you, make sure you check with your airport and airline before you leave. It is likely you will not be able to vape in the airport you're flying from (unless it's in the outdoor smoking areas) and you won't be permitted to pack your e-cigarettes in your checked-in luggage. Instead, take your vaping equipment onto the plane with you, in your carry-on luggage or in your pockets. Don't expect to be able to vape while on board, as airlines will not allow you to do so. Some common sense applies here, as in all situations where you find yourself in a cramped place with other people. Also, be wary of vaping in situations with other people. It might cause alarm, for instance, if you're in a group of people and you suddenly take out your e-cigarette and start vaping. People may get the wrong idea and think you are smoking, particularly those who are not familiar with vaping and e-cigarettes. So be nice and ask first — and have a great summer vaping time.

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