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Why is JUUL so Popular?

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The JUUL has taken the US by storm — why is it so popular?

The JUUL is now a cultural phenomenon. Gallons of digital ink have been spilled on JUUL-related opinion pieces, news stories and memes; the device's popularity has even helped add new words to the English language (see: juuling). But what is the JUUL, and how has it become the most popular vape kit in the USA? Read on to find out.
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What is the JUUL?

The JUUL is the most popular vape kit in the United States. It's roughly the size of a USB stick and, rather than having a tank, takes convenient pre-filled pods.

Why is JUUL so popular?

JUUL popularised the idea of the pod mod and brought nicotine salts into the mainstream. JUUL pods in the US are 5% nicotine by weight, but deliver a very smooth vape coupled with a quick and satisfying nicotine hit thanks to their nic salt formula. JUUL has now reached the UK, but the nicotine strength in its pods is 20mg (1.7%) on account of TPD legislation.

Can I get JUUL in the UK? What JUUL alternatives are there?

The JUUL has now reached the UK! You can find the JUUL Starter Kit hereWe also offer a range of JUUL alternatives. Why not try the Hexa, a nicotine salt pod system that provides a very similar vape to JUUL, or a refillable pod mod that allows you to choose your own e-liquid!
Pod Mod Comparison

Closed pod systems like the JUUL use pre-filled pods. Two of the most popular closed pod systems in the UK currently, aside from JUUL, are the BO and Vype ePen 3.

BO One
Vype ePen 3

Open pod systems have a similar form factor to closed pod devices but come with the added benefit of being refillable. Try a nic salt e-liquid with your open pod system for a smooth vape that's just like using a JUUL! See how the popular Mi-Pod and SMOK Infinix pod systems compare below.

SMOK Infinix
JUUL specification

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