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Will electronic cigarettes ever be truly accepted?

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While the electronic cigarette industry continues to go from strength to strength, it is still only relatively small compared to the one billion tobacco smokers around the world. The US market alone is expected to turnover in excess of $2 billion during 2015, but will e-cigarettes ever be truly accepted? Even though the number of electronic cigarette users round the world are now numbered in their millions the market is still but a fraction of the size of the tobacco cigarette industry. While the exponential growth we have seen of late is beginning to slow there are many who believe that e-cigarettes will very soon outsell their tobacco counterparts. However, there are still a number of hurdles to overcome. Association with tobacco cigarettes Whether the industry likes it or not, many people tend to think of electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes as being a part of the same industry. Even though this is incorrect on so many different levels it is perhaps the involvement of tobacco cigarette companies in the vaping industry of late which has led to this misunderstanding. So, while we wait for the results of long-term medical trials to confirm any potential health issues many people believe the loose association with the tobacco industry is holding back the vaping sector. Indeed in many ways the tobacco industry is fighting to associate itself with the vaping industry while the vaping sector is spending millions trying to differentiate itself from the tobacco industry. e-cigarette-vending-machines Who will win in the end? Who has the deeper pockets? Are politicians helping the situation? Lately there have been a number of reports of politicians in different areas of the world attempting to bring e-cigarettes and other vaping devices under the umbrella of tobacco taxes. This is yet another backward step for the vaping industry as it attempts to differentiate itself from the tobacco sector although the fight goes on. There are a number of legal actions ongoing attempting to address the way in which electronic cigarettes are set to be regulated and the fact that they should be treated very differently to their tobacco counterparts. While it would be foolish to ignore the obvious connection between electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes, in the form of nicotine, the additional ingredients are very different. Will medical trials answer all questions? In theory there are only a fraction of the ingredients in a tobacco cigarette present in the modern day electronic cigarette. This should simplify the medical trial situation although if we take a brief look at the tobacco industry, has this ever been resolved? There has been controversy, rumours, truths and untruths peddled by all parties involved for and against industry and while many "understand" the alleged health issues, have they ever been answered in full? When you consider the number of alleged deaths associated with tobacco cigarettes around the world we can only assume that unclear medical guidance is placing enough doubt in the minds of the general public to continue smoking tobacco. Whether the medical issues relating to electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes will ever truly be answered to the level required by critics and supporters alike is certainly a matter for debate. Final Word Until the electronic cigarette industry is able to detach itself fully from the tobacco industry it will always be treated with suspicion and intrigue. If we take a step back and look at the basics, there is the obvious connection in the form of nicotine but after that the products look very different indeed. There are only a handful of ingredients in a modern-day electronic cigarette while some medical experts allege there are in excess of 4000+ toxins in a modern-day tobacco cigarette. Therefore, is it really fair to treat them as one and the same? Guest blog brought to you by... Ok - E-cigarettes