Double Drip Coil Sauce E-Liquid

Double Drip Coil Sauce e-liquids offer you a satisfying vaping experience with style, sophistication and plenty of original flavour. With a diverse range of lively flavour combinations that involve powerful fruit, candy and ice cream notes, discover your new favourite e-liquid today from the Double Drip range.

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Double Drip Coil SauceDisposable
20mg | 20 Flavours | £1.00/ml
Was £4.99 | save £3.00From£1.99

About Double Drip Coil Sauce

Double Drip Coil Sauce e-liquids are bold and powerful in both flavour and design. Industry-leading experts in the UK got together to create these potent liquids. The collection has been created by Vapour Labs whose quality and experience is renowned.

The sophisticated and original packaging and branding around Double Drip Coil Sauce make them particularly attractive. Rather than labelling their products simply ‘e-liquids’ the brand call each of their liquids 'coil sauce', a subtle nod to the brand's max-VG roots. Double Drip originally catered to sub-ohm vapers, but over the years have expanded their range to include 50/50 and nicotine salt blends - meaning everyone can experience what the brand has to offer.

Vapers adore the rich and velvety depth that each Double Drip E-Liquid offers and are also impressed by the originality in the design. The liquids stand out amongst others because they are so quirky and the flavours stand the taste test too so it isn’t all about style with nothing to back it up.

The whole collection does have a sweet, dessert vibe so they are all certainly worth trying if you enjoy dessert e-liquids and also if you like intensity and depth of flavour. The range more recently has introduced classic vaping blends that incorporate tobacco and menthol for those who like to keep things simple!

Featured Reviews from ET Customers

Double Drip Coil Sauce Raspberry Sherbet E-Liquid

Great flavour and aroma. I get asked constantly what flavour I vape as it smells so good. Fairly new to this brand, but it has tuned into my new fave liquid. Highly recommended

Neil B

25th Jun 2020

Double Drip Coil Sauce Cherry Bakewell Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid

Tried and tested flavour. One of my faves. Yum. Makes me want to eat cake too much though.

Jamie R

20th Apr 2020

Double Drip Coil Sauce Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles 50 50 10ml E-Liquid

Tastes just like fizzy cola bottles!!! As a rule I stick to Dinner lady juices-stick to what you know, you can’t go wrong! However thought I would branch out and try some new flavours, this is worth a try all day long! Good throat hit, good clouds, brilliant taste….nothing bad to say-add to cart!!!

Sally D

1st Oct 2021

Double Drip Coil Sauce Disposable

I have tried all the disposables on this site and these a by far the best. Great taste, great hit and smoke.Size is ideal too, fots nicely in to the little key pocket in yoir jeans. Highly recommended.

Craig I

19th Nov 2023

Explore the Double Drip Coil Sauce range

The Double Drip Coil Sauce collection includes all sorts of tempting flavour combinations, ranging from dessert-based flavours to fruit-based flavours. Some popular examples of their dessert flavours are Twisted Ice Cream