Joyetech is a world leader in the construction and design of e-cigarette hardware and accessories, producing high-performance, high-tech products. The Joyetech range includes starter kits, pod mods and much more! Shop the range below:

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WideWick Air Pods
JoyetechWideWick Air Pods
2-Pack | For WideWick Air
eRoll Slim Pods
JoyetecheRoll Slim Pods
3-Pack | For eRoll Slim
eGo 510 Tank
JoyetecheGo 510 Tank
2-Pack | For eGo 510 Kit
EVIO Pod Cartridges
JoyetechEVIO Pod Cartridges
2-Pack | For Joyetech EVIO Pod kit
WideWick Pods
JoyetechWideWick Pods
2-Pack | For Joyetech WideWick kit
eGo Air Filter Tips
JoyetecheGo Air Filter Tips
20-Pack | For eGo Air Kit
eGo Air Replacement Pods
JoyetecheGo Air Replacement Pods
2-Pack | For eGo Air Kit
JoyetechEVIO C Pod
1-Pack | For Joyetech EVIO C & Box Kit
EN Coils
JoyetechEN Coils
5-Pack | For Joyetech EVIO C & EVIO Box
eGo Replacement Pods
JoyetecheGo Replacement Pods
2-Pack | For eGo Pod Kit
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JoyetechAIO ECO
Vape Pen Kit
Was £18.99 | save £5.00From£13.99
JoyetechAIO ECO Coils
5-Pack | For Joyetech AIO ECO Kit
AIO Coils
JoyetechAIO Coils
5-Pack | For Joyetech AIO Kit

About Joyetech

Joyetech describes itself as the world’s leading electronic cigarette manufacturer and positions itself at the forefront of the industry. Since 2007, Joyetech has been leading the industry, and they are proud to play a pivotal role in a young market transforming one of the oldest industries — tobacco.

Joyetech specialises in vaping hardware and refillable vapes. Its focus is on creating technically advanced and modern hardware, which can be enjoyed by vapers of all experience levels. They use tech to advance the industry and have a real focus on quality as well as high-tech products.

The Electric Tobacconist vape shop has a range of Joyetech e-cigarette hardware products and accessories. We offer free delivery with all orders over £20, and anyone with experience in building and constructing their vaping kit will be impressed with what Joyetech has to offer.

Explore the Joyetech vape range

The Joyetech range has a selection of different types of mod and accessories for your e-cigarette, including all-in-one e-cigarettes and additional products. The Joyetech range includes:

  • EGO AIO 2

    One of the ‘all-in-one’ range from Joyetech. Lightweight and designed for an easy transition from regular cigarette smoking, the eCig AIO 2 focuses on effective tech for a simple and enjoyable vaping experience.

  • Joyetech eGo AIO ECO

    A compact, super-efficient vape pen that delivers fantastic flavour and helps you make the most out of your e-liquid. A range of colourways and customisable LEDs means you're guaranteed to find a kit that fits your style.

  • Joyetech eRoll Slim Full

    An advanced vape kit that adopts all of the nuanced features Joyetech are known for - and then some! A magnetic charging case allows for on-the-go vaping, eliminating the stress of your vape running out of charge when out and about. 

We also have a wide range of Joyetech coils for your Joyetech kit!

If you are committed to and interested in constructing your vaping equipment, you should also check out our other hardware brands, such as Aspire and Vaporesso.

Why Shop Joyetech from The Electric Tobacconist?

When you choose The Electric Tobacconist for your Joyetech products, you're selecting a trusted and experienced retailer. Established in 2013 as one of the first online vape shops, we've been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Our impressive 98% recommendation rating from over 30,000 reviews on reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. As registered members of UKVIA, we prioritise industry standards, ensuring top-notch product quality and safety for the user. With over two million successfully shipped orders, we've built a reliable reputation. You can count on The Electric Tobacconist for all your vaping needs!

Featured Reviews of Joyetech from ET Customers

Joyetech AIO Coils

"Just recently bought x2 Joyetech eGo AIO2 vape pens that came with 0.08 coils.Liked the coils so much bought the same ones again. Good value for money and fast delivery as always."


16th Feb 2024

Joyetech WideWick Pods

"These little pods are fantastic. I use a Joytech to keep in my pocket, the Pods are very easy to use and give a good amount of vape and provide and excellent flavor and experience"

Philip D

9th Jun 2023

Joyetech EVIO C

"Love this vape. I lost my previous one and was unable to get it again on the high street. Delighted to find it at ET and cheaper than my original one AND free delivery. Gives me just the right level of vape, which can be adjusted if u prefer mouth-to-lung vaping. Small, slim, rugged and durable (I keep dropping it and it survives!) Perhaps I need a lanyard 😄"

Nadia P

29th Aug 2023

Joyetech WideWick

"This has by far the longer battery life ever encountered, really good refill system and slim shape,size. The vape is smooth, suits my low strength liquid choices. A good price worth the product"

Myriam A

2nd Aug 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about Joyetech

How do I refill my Joyetech WideWick?

Snap off the drip tip (mouthpiece) at an angle to reveal the fill port (the fill port is not to be confused with the slightly bigger coil hole next to it). Then, insert your e-liquid nozzle to fill your pod - ensure you are leaving a slight air gap!

How do I change the coil on my Joyetech vape?

Most Joyetech kits on our site use pods with built-in coils, apart from the EVIO C and the eGo AIO 2. The EVIO C utilises push-to-fit coil technology, so you would simply push this into the base of your pod. On the other hand, the eGo AIO 2 uses a screw-fit coil, so you would remove the top ring of the tank and screw the coil onto the middle compartment.