Aspire Ecigs

Founded in 2013, Aspire are a popular Chinese brand known for their quality hardware including vape pens, tanks and box mods. Shop the range below:

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BVC Coils
AspireBVC Coils
5-Pack | For Aspire ETS, K1, K2 & Spryte
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Flexus Q
AspireFlexus Q
Pod Mod Kit
Was £19.49 | save £4.50From£14.99
Flexus Stik Pod
AspireFlexus Stik Pod
1-Pack | For Aspire Flexus Stik Kit
Flexus AF Coils
AspireFlexus AF Coils
5-Pack | For Flexus Kits
Nautilus BVC Coils
AspireNautilus BVC Coils
5-Pack | Nautilus Tanks & Zelos 3
Flexus Q Replacement Pod
AspireFlexus Q Replacement Pod
1-Pack | For Aspire Flexus Q Kit
PockeX Coils
AspirePockeX Coils
5-Pack | For PockeX AIO Kit
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Zelos 3
AspireZelos 3
Box Mod Kit
Was £44.99 | save £10.00From£34.99
Nautilus X Coils
AspireNautilus X Coils
5-Pack | Nautilus X Tank & PockeX AIO Kit
Was £12.99 | save £3.00From£9.99
AspireK1 BVC
1.5ml tank capacity

Aspire E-Cigarettes Company History:

Aspire was founded in 2013 in Shenzhen, China, and quickly became one of the best-known vape brands in the world. Despite its relatively recent arrival to the e-cigarette industry, Aspire is a favourite among e-cig bloggers, reviewers and enthusiasts alike.

Aspire vape products are all manufactured in-house by staff and industry experts who have been working on similar products for over 10 years. Products made in the Aspire factory are found all over the world and sold by all of the best-known and highly-regarded re-sellers.

Aspire Innovation:

Research and development is key to Aspire's success. The company boasts a number of senior technicians who have helped produce over 25-patented products, with the goal being to develop at least one new product every three months, which equates to more than four new models a year.

Aspire Vape Signature Products:

Initially known more for its production of advanced tanks, Aspire are now just as well known for all types of hardware, including vape kits and pod mods.

Aspire's latest line of cutting edge e-cigarettes - the likes of the Aspire Flexus Q and Aspire Pockex are available here at The Electric Tobacconist vape shop.

Want to explore more Chinese hardware brands? Have a look at our Innokin and SMOK ranges.

Common Questions

Which Aspire Vape Is The Best?

Based on the popularity of this device, we would say that the Aspire PockeX is most loved by our customers, boasting a 4.5-star review rating on our website.

Another honourable mention would be the Aspire One Up R1 Disposable kit, as it offers a unique and innovative way to vape - it’s rechargeable and refillable, which gives you the opportunity to experiment with e-liquid flavours and nicotine strengths in a disposable format. Essentially, once the coil in the One Up R1 kit expires, the whole kit has to be thrown away.

How To Use Aspire Vape?

Some Aspire kits, such as the One Up R1 kit, require a different assembly and maintenance method; however, kits like the Flexus Stik and Zelos 3 are fairly similar.

Firstly, prime your coil by saturating the wicking holes with a few drops of e-liquid. Next, insert it into your tank/pod, fill it with your favourite e-juice, take 2-3 dry pulls on the tank and wait 5-10 minutes. Lastly, turn on your device with five quick presses of the power button, and you should be ready to begin vaping!

When To Change Coil On Aspire Vape?

You’ll know when to change the coil on your Aspire device, as it will begin to taste burnt once worn out. If faults like leaking and connection problems occur, this is also an indication that you should replace your coil.