RELX utilise next-generation technology to offer a closed-system vape unlike any other. Unlock a smooth, consistent and satisfying experience with the premium RELX vape range.

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About RELX

RELX is an international vape retailer specialising in closed-system hardware and refill pods. RELX embrace advancements in the industry and actively develop new technology to give their products an edge over the competition. Since being founded in 2017, the brand has expanded globally; vapers worldwide now have the opportunity to experience the premium RELX technology and design for themselves.

The RELX Vape Range

The RELX range consists of pod systems and e-liquid pods, all of which are cross-compatible. Both the RELX Essential and RELX Infinity devices work with the full range of RELX Pods. Seven flavours are available, with tastes ranging from sweet and fruity to cool and fresh.

RELX pods come in packs of two. RELX devices do not come with pods included, so you'll need to grab a pack before you get started!

Why Choose RELX?

RELX vape kits are made with industry-leading technology for a draw that feels different to any other pod system. Every aspect of your RELX experience has been fine-tuned using specialised patents: temperature, resistance, vapour volume and even the sound of activation have all been tested and optimised to the tastes of real vapers like you. Ceramic coil technology, known as FEELM, helps to keep very draw balanced and silky-smooth.

RELX Vape at Electric Tobacconist UK

If you're looking to make the switch to RELX, or simply want to stock up on your favourite pods, we're the shop for you. As well as exclusive discounts, customers enjoy free Royal Mail First Class shipping on all orders of £20 or more. Pay your way with a range of checkout options, including PayPal.

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