Sub Ohm Coils

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Slipstream Coils
InnokinSlipstream Coils
5-Pack | For Kroma & Cool Fire Pebble/Mini
G Coils
GeekvapeG Coils
5-Pack | For Wenax Stylus/C1 & Aegis kits
ITO Coils
5-Pack | For Argus P1 Kit & Pods
TECC EN coils 0.8 and box
2-Pack | For TECC Arc Mini 2
B Series Coils
GeekvapeB Series Coils
5-Pack | For Aegis Mini 2 Kit & Z Nano 2 Tank
GTX Coils
VaporessoGTX Coils
5-Pack | For Target PM30 Kit
TECC Arc Mini Coils
TECCArc Mini Coils
2-Pack | For TECC Arc Mini Kit
JoyetechAIO ECO Coils
5-Pack | For Joyetech AIO ECO Kit
Nord Coils
SMOKNord Coils
5-Pack | For Nord 2, Nord AIO, Fetch Mini & RPM40 kits
EN Coils
JoyetechEN Coils
5-Pack | For Joyetech EVIO C & EVIO Box
PNP Coils
5-Pack | VM1, VM5, R1, TR1 & TM2
Caliburn G Coils
UWELLCaliburn G Coils
4-Pack | For Caliburn G Range
Was £11.99 | save £2.00From£9.99
PockeX Coils
AspirePockeX Coils
5-Pack | For PockeX AIO Kit
GTL Coils
EleafGTL Coils
5-Pack | iJust D20 Kit & Tank
Was £12.99 | save £1.00From£11.99
Sceptre Coils
InnokinSceptre Coils
5-Pack | For Innokin Sceptre & Sceptre II
Prism S Coils
InnokinPrism S Coils
5-Pack | For Innokin T20S Tank & EZ.WATT Kit
AIO Coils
JoyetechAIO Coils
5-Pack | For Joyetech AIO Kit
Z Coils
InnokinZ Coils
5-Pack | Also known as Zenith Coils

Sub Ohm Coils

Sub ohm vaping is all about the clouds and key to creating these clouds is an atomiser designed with sub ohm vaping in mind and at the centre of it all, sub ohm coils. It is the coils which give this type of vaping its name because it is the coils which are considered sub ohm. All coils with a resistance of 1 ohm or less are considered sub ohm. There are a huge range of sub ohm coils of different resistance levels on the market and at The Electric Tobacconist we stock as wide a selection as possible to ensure you can put together your perfect personalised kit. 

The Difference between Sub Ohm Coils and Higher Ohm Coils

Defining sub ohm coils is fine but why do they revolutionise the whole vaping experience so much? Big clouds are often the first thing people mention but lower resistance sub ohm coils offer many differences to regular coils. Lower sub ohm coils create more heat at the coil point which in turn creates that extensive amount of vapour. They also provide warmer vapour and use more liquid. The intensity of the hits and the smoothness of each one is extremely satisfying and with the right kit. Many sub ohm coils are designed with both variable wattage and temperature control modes with ease and this gives vapers even more freedom.

The speed at which the vaping world moves means there is an expansive range of different sub ohm coil options and each new release has a slight change of development which lifts the game to the next level.

Sub Ohm Coil Brands

Sub ohm coils are often created and designed by the same companies who designed the sub ohm clearomizers and box mods. Brands including SMOK, Innokin and Aspire offer individual coils and sub-ohm coil packs, for their own devices but also those compatible with others.