Sub Ohm Tank Range

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TECC EN box and tank
2ml tank capacity
iJust D20 Tank
EleafiJust D20 Tank
2ml tank capacity

Sub Ohm Tank Range

Sub ohm vaping is all about cloud chasing, more intense flavour but to enjoy it, you need the right kit and this includes a sub ohm clearomizer or tank designed for sub ohm vaping. The tank must have a resistant of below 1 ohm to be classed as sub ohm and many leading e-cigarette hardware companies specialise in this kind of device. First though, let’s look more closely at the difference between regular tanks and sub ohm tanks.

What’s the difference with Sub Ohm Tanks?

As mentioned, sub ohm tanks have a resistance below 1 ohm. This allows it to create a lower coil pressure and it will feature a bigger wick, for a huge amount of airflow and in turn, huge vapour clouds. Sub ohm tanks also come with a range of adjustable airflow options with

Sub ohm tanks tend to be used with box mods and other modified kits and therefore the amount of e-liquid and the type of e-liquid can differ from non-sub ohm tanks. Regular tanks generally last much longer when fully filled than sub ohm tanks because sub ohm vaping is a more intensive process and every vape has a much stronger lung hit, with huge vapour clouds also contributing to the liquid decrease. Some sub ohm vapers opt for low nicotine liquids too because higher nicotine can be overwhelming but this something which differs from person to person. Sub ohm tanks generally work better with liquids high in vegetable glycerin than propylene glycerin, creating a smoother hits and more intense flavour.

Sub Ohm Tank Brands

The brands who create sub ohm tanks are generally the same ones who offer the related kit, box mods and starter kits. You’ll find sub ohm clearomizer tanks from KangerTech, Aspire and Innokin, amongst others and many are compatible with different devices.