What nicotine strength should I choose?

The nicotine strength you choose is mainly down to personal preference. If you've just quit smoking, then you may find the table below helpful when choosing what strength to buy. This applies to e-liquid, cartomizers (cigarette-style kits) and disposables:

 Traditional Cig   Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) 
Very Strong 45mg+
Strong 20-24mg
Regular 12-18mg
Lights 8-12mg
Ultra-Light 3-8mg
Nicotine-Free 0mg

You could also choose based on how many cigarettes per day you used to smoke, although you'll likely find yourself reducing the strength gradually as you get used to being smoke-free:

 Cigarettes Per Day   Nicotine Strenth (mg/ml) 
40+ 45mg+
20-30 20-24mg
15-20 12-18mg
8-15 8-12mg
1-8 3-8mg

If you're using a Sub-Ohm kit or a Box Mod as opposed to a "pen-style" e-liquid kit, cartomizers or disposables, then we suggest reducing the amount of nicotine as these devices output a much greater amount of vapour - and therefore provide more nicotine per-puff. As a general rule, cut the amount of nicotine in half (e.g. if you're used to 12mg/ml, try 6mg/ml instead). This only applies to e-liquid.

Not sure about mg/ml or % strength? Click here for advice.