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How to Stealth Vape with Your E-Cigarette

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Vaping has come a long way in recent years and is slowly becoming more acceptable as a safer alternative to smoking. But there are still situations where using an e-cigarette in public is frowned upon. So what can you do? Have you ever tried stealth vaping?

Like cloud-chasing, stealth vaping is another technique used by vapers. However, it’s actually the complete opposite. While cloud-chasers run setups with a low resistance to produce the thickest and biggest clouds imaginable, stealth vapers aim to vape more discreetly.

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Why Stealth Vape?

Stealth vaping isn’t about seeing if you can get away with using an e-cigarette in places where you shouldn’t. While vaping in public isn’t prohibited by law, certain establishments will ask you to stop if they catch you blowing a cloud of vapour in the corner of the room. Instead, stealth vaping is concerned with minimising disruption to the people around you, while still respecting your right to use an e-cigarette. So, why stealth vape?

  • Public opinion: Despite public health authorities backing e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking, there’s still a division in public opinion, with much of the public buying into media stories that e-cigarettes are unsafe and a threat. These individuals will likely disapprove if they see you blowing vapour clouds and, while you’re doing nothing wrong, if you want to avoid altercations with misinformed members of the public, stealth vaping is the way to go.
  • Avoid temptation: With increased bans of vaping in public places like pubs and train stations, if you want to vape in peace, you’ll have to do it surrounded by a cloud of cigarette smoke. If you’ve only recently swapped smoking for an e-cigarette, it’s vital that you avoid temptation. Sharing your vaping space with current smokers means you’ll inhale second-hand smoke, conflicting with the benefits of vaping. If you’re with friends, you may feel compelled to bow down to peer pressure and spark one up.
  • Respect: In places such as restaurants, vaping can be distracting. If you can vape without anyone noticing, you can still get your nicotine hit without spoiling the experience for yourself or anyone else.
  • Flimsy restrictions: The justification for many bans on e-cigs is the idea that “an e-cigarette resembles a cigarette”. With an increasing amount of devices far from resembling a traditional cigarette, it’s a far stretch to ban them, especially when they emit a harmless and largely odourless vapour. Stealth vaping resolves these issues, allowing you to vape without judgement.

Where Can You Stealth Vape?

This can be tricky to negotiate. While it’s difficult to deny yourself a few puffs of your e-cigarette, there are places where vaping is strictly prohibited and you could risk more than a polite request to stop.

While many workplaces prohibit vaping without considering the wealth of evidence published by reputable scientists and health bodies, a recent report released by Public Health England actually encourages employers to implement a vaping policy. They realise that forcing those looking to quit to share a space with smokers could have a detrimental effect. If a nicotine hit helps you through a stressful day, how can it be anything but beneficial for both you and your employer? But in the meantime, as long as you aren’t compromising your career, stealth vaping is an option.

Vaping is prohibited on most airlines, so even if you take all precautions to exhale absolutely zero vapour, you could still risk getting into trouble if you’re caught. While going without nicotine can be hard, especially on long flights, it’s not unheard of for people to be fined or even jailed for using their e-cigarette, especially in the Middle East.

How to Stealth Vape with Your E-Cigarette

So if you’re looking to vape discreetly, how do you go about doing it?

Use the Right E-Cigarette

It’s important to have the right setup for stealth vaping. E-cig starter kits typically produce less vapour than their more advanced counterparts, simply because they aren’t as powerful. To stealth vape effectively, though, you’ll be better off investing in a more advanced e-cigarette. While box mods are typically associated with those looking to produce large clouds, there’s no reason why they can’t be used to stealth vape.

Alternatively, a device with a small battery can provide a powerful throat hit and taste without creating large clouds of vapour. The draw activated Eleaf iCare Mini e-cigarette has just a 350mAh battery, making it portable and discreet. However, it also outputs up to 15 watts of power, so you can still benefit from rich flavour.

E-cigarettes set up with a low resistance coil will produce more vapour, so it’s best to use a high resistance coil (you won’t be able to stealth vape if your device is set up for sub-Ohm vaping).

Stealth Vaping Techniques

  • Blowing down your shirt: This technique simply involves inhaling, then blowing the vapour down your shirt. Your clothes will absorb the majority of the vapour, meaning you’ll actually exhale less vapour. However, be careful not to take a hard draw, as the vapour may billow back out. An alternative is to blow into a napkin, which will absorb the vapour. However, it may not always be practical to do this in public, especially if you vape a lot during the day, so it’s wise to master a different technique.
  • Holding in the vapour: This involves inhaling, and rather than immediately exhaling, you hold in the vapour for longer. Then, exhale through your nose. This dilutes the vapour with oxygen, meaning you’ll exhale very little to no vapour.

A Quick Word on E-Liquids

E-liquids are primarily made up of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). The majority of e-liquids are composed of equal amounts of both. However, e-liquids with a higher PG ratio will produce less vapour and give you a better throat hit, so leaning towards a suitable e-liquid, in combination with using these techniques, will help you vape like a stealth ninja.

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