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My Vaping Journey with... VIP

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Every fortnight we run a ‘guest blog’ feature about the ‘Vaping Journey’ of one of our customers.

Below are three individual accounts from customers who used VIP vape devices to start their journey to becoming smoke-free.

My VIP Vaping Journey: Glennis, Oxfordshire

I smoked from the age of 13 until I was 58 and diagnosed with COPD. I thought I could carry on just smoking a little and got very sick, so I tried hypnotherapy, patches, gum, champix and so on. Nothing stopped me but it was difficult as my son lives at home with us and he smokes roll ups and I started pinching them. Then I bought my own tobacco and smoked in secret. Finally last winter at the age of 64 I became really ill and was housebound for eight weeks, of course as soon as I was well again after drastic treatment with steroids and antibiotics I wanted to smoke. I had already tried e-cigs and had some VIP products already so I started using them and I have not had a real cigarette since January. Six months and no adverse effects from the e cigs – marvellous! I recommend them to anyone I meet who is smoking and have converted some people already and will continue to tell people about them.

In looking for a cure for my smoking I found about about electronic cigarettes from the internet. I started with the tobacco flavoured VIP starter kit one and liked it, it was nice enough and much better than other tobacco replacement therapies as you have the sensation of a cigarette without the smell, ash and anti social aspects.

I shopped around for VIP stockists online and found the Electric Tobacconist. It has great customer service and prices so I always buy from them now. They are very helpful and even when I made a mistake and ordered the wrong cartomisers they let me exchange them, which they didn’t have to do. They are nice, helpful people to do business with.

Vaping is better than smoking as from my experience it does not harm your lungs like cigarettes do. You get all the sensation of having a cigarette without the ash, smell and damage to lungs. I am very happy to use e cigs, I don’t want to smoke ‘proper’ cigarettes any more and my health has improved greatly. It is the only way to stop smoking, and believe you me I have tried everything else. Another benefit is that it is cheaper than cigarettes, patches, and every other method. I have tried other brands but like VIP the best for the taste.

My VIP Vaping Journey: Sara, London

I had been a heavy smoker for many years, I used to waste a lot of money as I used to smoke more than 20 a day. Lighting up a cigarette would come before anything else, I was totally addicted to the point that if I run out in the middle of the night, I'd dress up , go out and buy some, no matter what time or weather.
I am a heavy coffee drinker as well so cutting down smoking wasn't easy. Some people say it's easy to give up smoking, personally I never found it easy. I was tired though of washing my hair and not feeling the nice shampoo smell, not tasting any kind of food, it all tasted the same. Normal cigarettes was killing any little pleasure in life! To the point that I had to find a solution, a new way to smoke at least since I could not stop.

One day a friend introduced me to e-cigarettes, I thought it would never work. I tried my friend’s one and I liked it straight away but I was very skeptical about it. I have always liked smoking shisha and my friend said it would be the same with e-cigarettes. To me the idea wasn't right, how could an electrical device taste like a cigarette that actually burns and is hot? It sounded and looked fake to me. Also knowing about the flavours was off-putting as well as normal cigarettes are not sweet. My friend told me I could use a tobacco flavor, again, I didn't think it could possibly work. Try was all I had to do and so I did.

One day I decided to order some e-cigarette online to see if I could really replace the normal cigarettes, I ordered a VIP ecig and I love it straight away. The VIP flavours are just amazing, they taste real and you can customize the strength of nicotine, or not having nicotine at all. You can use sweet flavours or simply tobacco. You will not believe it but after trying e-cigarettes I have realized that normal cigarettes never tasted tobacco at all. Normal cigarettes are very bitter compared to e- cigarettes and nowadays you need to go out to smoke that means, interrupting your meal at restaurants, getting under the rain or snow, you name it, slowly you just become a slave! With e-cigarettes you are free again to smoke where you like and nobody will get annoyed about the smell...not even you yourself!

I researched online for the best re seller and google showed me The Electric Tobacconist, I have ordered some from them. The service was excellent and no time waiting for the delivery and FREE delivery so what else could I ask? Every time I send an email, I get a reply within minutes!! No massive boxes so the post man can easily drop it to your door without worrying about waiting hours at home for the delivery or worst receiving a missing card and go to the post office on your days off or lunch time. Only once there was a misunderstanding in regards to the flavours I have ordered, as soon as I contacted The Electric Tobacconist they were there to assist me, the day after they have replace the wrong flavour FREE OF CHARGE. I mean where do you find a company in London the does something for nothing in return? They use standard delivery but I ALWAYS get my items the day after, fabulous!

Using e-cigarettes, my hair and clothes don’t smell anymore. I can smoke anywhere, even in bed without worrying about the smell. I feel free now, I don’t have to worry about running out of smoke anymore as e-liquids last a very long time. VIP is my favourite one, I have tried different brands but they are not nice as VIP. I have recommended to all my friend to give up smoking normal cigarettes as discovering e-cigarettes was a life changing experience for me. I even started excising now as I feel much more healthier, I don’t feel tired all the time anymore.

My VIP Vaping Journey: Darren, Leicestershire

I’ve been smoking for 15 years but as you get older you start to think more about life and health so my partner and I decided it was time to quit although we didn’t realise just how hard that decision would be.

We had tried several times before mainly around new year you know the old “lets make a new years resolution” but we never managed it even with nicotine patches (they just made me feel sick) and encouraging each other we only lasted a few days and we soon found ourselves smoking again.

We got invited to a wedding reception in the middle of winter and it was freezing, when you smoke you have no choice but to go out side at these sort of places and as most don’t cater for smokers ie no heat lamps or covered areas so we stood there in the freezing cold puffing away fast so we could get back into the warm.

A guest at the wedding who we hadn’t met before started talking to us about how she used to smoke 40 a day and how she quit after buying an ecig. We hadn’t even heard of ecigs so she got it out her bag and started to smoke it (inside) she even let us have a go and we both thought wow this is almost identical to smoking so after we got back the next day we started looking around the internet to gather some more information.

As we were currently looking for a starter pack on the net a TV advert came on promoting a VIP e-cigarette, so we had a look on the the internet site and decided to buy two starter packs one menthol for me and one regular for my wife.

We placed an order and were pleased to find they accepted PayPal, the order came quickly and the customer support if you have any questions is excellent (we run an online business and know how important customer service is and these guys are up there with the best).

The ecigs were amazing and a great healthier alternative and we both said to each other: "I think we can give quitting a good go now we have these".

I would say vaping is far better than smoking because…

It's healthier, we both feel younger and have more energy now. Clothes, house, car etc don’t smell of stale cigarettes. I have a friend that used to come round to the house in old clothes because of us smoking but since we stopped he's looking a bit smarter now!

You can vape indoors in most places so no more standing out in the cold and rain. No more yellow stains on teeth and fingers which looked horrible, I remember scrubbing my fingers almost daily trying to get rid of the stains that they ended up sore.
They're cheaper than buying proper cigarettes.
We have only tried the VIP brand and one other brand from a guy down our local market which tasted horrible, so we will stay with VIP now.
VIP Uno Disposable E-Cigarette

If you’d like to share your ‘Vaping Journey’ on our blog, please email us at help@electrictobacconist.co.uk and we’ll show you how you can put together your story.