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Disposable E-Cigarettes

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Disposable E-Cigarettes

'Ready to vape' disposable e-cigarette from Electric Tobacconist

The disposable electronic cigarette (also known as e-cigarette) is an ideal type to start with if you are tempted to make the switch from traditional smoking to e-cigarette smoking (vaping). The Electric Tobacconist® has all of the UK's best non-rechargeable e-cigarettes for sale here, which appeal usually to those who don't want to have to plug in their electronic cigarette, or those who don't want to spend too much in the first instance on the new 21st century concept that is vaping! The non-rechargeable electronic cigarette is thought by many to be the future of the e-cigarette market since it is ready to smoke and requires no assembly whatsoever.

Disposable e-cigarettes that are available come in various nicotine levels; they also come in cases which are a replica of an old-fashioned traditional cigarette-style packet.

We recommend that you try the throwaway variety before moving onto e-cigarette starter kits and electronic cigarette refills - why? Because throwaway e-cigarettes are just simpler! They are a great way to test this type of cigarette and see if it is the right choice for you.


Other reasons to buy a disposable e-cigarette

  • The emergency: You might want to carry a disposable electronic cigarette in your car or your desk at work for those times when you want nicotine there and then!
  •  The plane/train journey or a night out: For those times when you're not allowed anything other than an e-cigarette it is perfect to have some handy. You can make sure you are stocked up before or trip, or in the case of a night out, make sure you're armed with a non-rechargeable e-cig!
  •  To let others have a try: You may want to have one on you at all times to show other people the joys, advantages & seamlessness of switching to the electronic cigarette. They might even turn into valued Electric Tobacconist customers too!

Disposable e-cigarettes don’t need charging

The disposable e-cigarette is for those not wishing to bother with the rechargeable aspect of vaping. The recharging element might not be convenient for you if you travel a lot, or you may just not want the hassle of having to remember to recharge. Also, by not needing to carry a USB charger, the non-rechargeable e-cigarette experience is also that bit closer to what we know from years of smoking tobacco.

Types of disposable E-cigarette

You can buy the disposable e-cigarette in predominantly tobacco, but the main variation of disposable e-cigarette comes with the number of 'equivalent' cigarettes it offers - i.e. the number of puffs you can extract from it. On this, it is a good rule of thumb to consider that the more puffs the battery can offer, the bigger the battery will usually need to be. So if you like the small or mini e-cigarette, then it is usually a good idea to buy those offering fewer cigarette equivalents, or fewer puffs.

Which Disposable E-cig is best for me?

The Electric Tobacconist® has the largest range of e-cigarettes in the UK, (not to mention the largest disposable e cigs range in the USA!) so why not try them all? We even sell the electronic cigar! You don't need to buy them all at once, but with free delivery on all UK orders over £10 you can take your time choosing the best e-cigarette brand for your tastes! We have a wide variety to choose from including Vype and many more, you are sure to find one to suit your taste, and once you do, you can try the longer term option of the best e-cigarette starter kit for your needs. 

Looking for more flavour options? Our e-liquid section has over 1000 variations of flavour and nicotine level, with everything from tobacco and menthol flavour to rhubarb & custard! If you can't find the juice you're looking for there, you never will!