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The first thing you need when you switch to vaping is a vape kit. The range available can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry! At the Electric Tobacconist UK, we carry a huge variety of easy-to-use vape e-cigarette starter kits, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect vape for you. Explore our range to find your next kit:

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+ 2 packs of NEAFS
NEAFS TEO Kit in a collection including four different colours; Titanium Grey, Green, Rose Gold, Blue
NEAFSTEO Starter Kit
Heat Tobacco Alternative System
Coming Soon
Air 4 in 1 Kit
IVGAir 4 in 1 Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
Gold Bar device and pod
Gold BarReload Pod Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
VEEV One Blue Mint & Classic Tobacco Starter Kit
VEEVOne Kit | Blue Mint & Classic Tobacco
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Includes 2 Pods
Coming Soon
Air 2 in 1 Kit
IVGAir 2 in 1 Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
TECC Arc Mini 2 group of 5 different colours; Turquoise, Black, Blue, Pink
TECCArc Mini 2
Mini Box Mod Kit
Lost Mary Tappo group of 4 different colours; Dark Bronze, Blue Green, Silver Stainless Steel, Green Pink
+ 3 packs of TEREA
IQOS ILUMA One in a collection including five different colours; Pebble Beige, Moss Green, Pebble Grey, Azure Blue, Sunset Red
Heated Tobacco System
Pre-filled & Refillable Options
ELFA PRO Kit Group
Pre-filled Pod Kit
Was £5.99 | save £4.99From£1.00
3 Kits for £33
A collection of the SKE Crystal 4 in 1 Kit in three different colours
SKECrystal 4in1 Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit