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The first thing you need when you switch to vaping is a vape kit. The range available can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry! At the Electric Tobacconist UK, we carry a huge variety of easy-to-use vape e-cigarette starter kits, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect vape for you. Explore our range to find your next kit:

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What sort of Vape Kits and E-cigarettes are available in the UK in 2024?

Vaping has come a long way over the last few years, and the market is more diverse than ever. Below is a brief overview of the different types of vape kits available now.

Cigalike Vape Kits

As the name suggests, cigalike kits are designed to look and feel like tobacco cigarettes. Cigarette-style vape kits are easy to use and, rather than being refillable, take prefilled flavour cartridges known as cartomizers or refills. Cigalike brands such as OK Vape give you a very similar experience to smoking a cigarette.

ET.UK cigalike battery along with a Hoxton cigalike battery, floating with refill cartomizers in front of an orange background

Vape Pen Vape Kits

The term “ vape pen” normally refers to a vape kit consisting of a refillable tank and a rechargeable battery; they are often slim and shaped like a pen, but not always! Vape pens offer slightly more customisation than cigalikes, as you can use your choice of e-liquid (flavour and strength). A popular recent kit would be the Oxva Xlim Pro launched in 2023.

Three vape pens; Elf Bar's ELFA Pro, Joyetech's EGO AIO 2 and UWELL's Caliburn Explorer, floating in front of a green background

Refillable Pod Vape Kits

Refillable pod mods use replaceable pods that contain either a built-in or removable coil. They are designed to be easier to use than vape pens as they adopt a secure magnetic connection between the pod and battery instead of a tank with a screw mechanism. They have few features and are compact, appealing to those new to the world of vaping and those wanting to upgrade to something simple.

Vaporesso's XROS 3 Mini and OXVA's XLIM SQ Pro floating in front of a pink and purple background

Pre-filled Pod Kits

Prefilled pod kits use replaceable e-liquid pods containing liquid and a coil, so there's no need to refill your tank or switch out your coil. Prefilled pod mods are the go-to for many, thanks to their compact design and ease of use. A notable example of this would be the JUUL 2, which is an upgraded version of the classic JUUL refillable pod kit. or the Gold Bar Reload, launched in 2024.

VUSE Pro and Blu 2.0 pre-filled pod kits, floating with a Vuse ePod refill in front of a blue background

Sub-ohm Vape Kits

Sub-ohm vapes (sometimes called cloud kits) are more advanced vaping devices that are capable of outputting huge amounts of power; if you’ve ever noticed someone exhaling gigantic clouds from their kit, they were probably using one of these! Using a sub-ohm device requires a working knowledge of battery safety and Ohm’s Law, so it’s best to do some reading before investing in one.

Eleaf's iJust P40 sub ohm kit in front of a purple and pink background

Heated Tobacco Vape Kits

Heated tobacco kits are a recent addition to the vaping industry. They are devices that use tobacco sticks and heat them electronically at a lower temperature than conventional cigarettes you would burn with a flame. Heat-not-burn products, eg the IQOS eliminate some health risks that are associated with smoking a lit cigarette.

An IQOS ILUMA One and an IQOS ILUMA standing in front of an orange background

The Electric Tobacconist UK Vape Kits Range

We have a wide range of vape kits available, whether you’re looking for a refillable pod vape, a heated tobacco product or a prefilled pod kit. You can feel confident buying rechargeable vape kits and e-cigarettes from our range of popular brands, including blu, IQOS, JUUL, Caliburn, VUSE and many more.

When you buy a vape kit from The Electric Tobacconist UK, they're usually equipped with everything needed to keep it charged (a USB charger). A starter kit is the perfect choice for your first kit, as you minimise your initial investment and can have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive everything you need to get started.

At the Electric Tobacconist UK, we offer vapes kits and disposables suitable for every budget and every level of vaper, shipped directly from our warehouse in Hemel Hempstead! We also sell vape kits in our US store if you are looking for a kit and you're not based in the UK or Europe.

Why shop Vape Kits at The Electric Tobacconist?

When you choose The Electric Tobacconist for your vape kits, you're selecting a trusted and experienced retailer. Established in 2013 as one of the first online vape shops, we've been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Our impressive 98% recommendation rating on reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. As registered members of UKVIA, we prioritise industry standards, ensuring top-notch product quality and safety for the user. With over two million successfully shipped orders, we've built a reliable reputation. Count on The Electric Tobacconist for premium vape kits backed by a legacy of expertise and customer satisfaction.

Featured Reviews of Vape Kits from ET Customers

OXVA Xlim Pro Starter Kit

"I've found this starter kit excellent. This is the first vape I've used apart from disposable ones.This kit has been excellent for a first time user.I'm fully converted from rolling tobacco.The battery life between charges is outstanding as is its ease of use and refilling."

Mark M

20th Dec 2023

BLU Blu 2.0 Device Kit

"I really like the blu range and needed to upgrade this is durable easy to charge and value for money. I love that you can get different strength pods to use with your device."

Becky P

7th Nov 2023


"Fantastic device to help stop smoking,I've bought 3 of these , been smoking over 30 years tried other products this is the best thing ever!! not had a cigarette since using this would highly recommend to anyone wanting to give up smoking !"

Beccie S

11th Dec 2023

Vuse Pro Device Kit

"Vuse Pro devise is slimline and quick to charge .The best vape for an authentic tobacco flavour. I’ve tried many other vapes but this is overall the best on the market in my opinion."

Helen B

27th Sep 2023

Frequently Asked Questions about Vape Kits

What is a vape kit?

A standard vape kit is usually an electronic cigarette - this usually consists of a battery and tank that allows you to fill it with e-liquid. But you can get many types of vapes, such as pod mods, sub-ohm kits, cigalikes, and many more.

What is the best vape kit for beginners?

The best vape kit for beginners requires little to assemble and maintain - for example, a disposable device such as the Crystal Bar or Lost Mary or a pod device like the Riot Connex vape kit where the pods simply 'snap' on with magnets - it couldn't be easier! You can get closed pod mod systems, which use cartridges prefilled with e-liquid. This type of device is suitable for beginners as it eliminates the hassle of messy refills and fiddly coil changes. A great example of this is the Riot Connex Pod Kit which uses magnets to attach replaceable cartridge-like flaovured pods to the batter. You can also get refillable pod mod kits, which use pods with built-in coils but require filling with your e-liquid. These can also appeal to beginners who like to experiment with different flavours but wish to keep the set-up as minimal as possible.

What vape kit should I buy?

It depends on what your purpose is behind vaping. If you're a smoker trying to quit, you might prefer a cigalike model as the experience is as close to smoking as possible. If you like to perform tricks, you might find that a cloud kit or sub-ohm device is better suited to your needs. If you simply want to experiment with different e-liquid flavours, a standard vape pen should cater to your needs. For instant 'plug and play', go for a disposable vape! Here at The Electric Tobacconist, we have a large selection of devices on offer that you can browse through.

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