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Farage Pins Exit Battle on Vapes 17/07/2019

Farage Pins Exit Battle on Vapes

It’s a war against the EU — and cigarettes. At least vape kits might be able to help. Nigel Farage may be battling to get Britain out of the European Union, but the Brexit Party leader is fighting another, more personal war: his long-running struggle to quit smoking. Only it’s not so much a war but a love affair with cigarettes, and the 55-year-old pint-loving politician has in recent times lashed out at doctors’ and medical institutions’ advice on the health hazards of smoking. Asked several years ago why he... Read More

Lady Enjoying the Santorini sunset with her vape 10/07/2019

Countries to Watch Out for if You’re Travelling with Your Vapes This Summer

It’s fine to vape at home, and even encouraged, if you’re a smoker — not so in many other places. Going abroad during the summer is great, and oftentimes an incredible adventure that you’ll relive for the rest of your life. But in certain, if not many, parts of the world, not doing the right thing and not abiding by nations’ laws can land you in really hot water — and who knew that the humble e-cigarette, box mods or other vape gear could be a culprit? In some ways,... Read More

Vape man. Photo of a handsome young white guy with modern haircut in the black clothes vaping and letting off steam from an electronic cigarette near 04/07/2019

E-Cigs Emerge as the Best Way to Get off Cigarettes

The most effective way to stop smoking and stay off cigarettes? Vape pens and other e-cigarette gear, says a major new study. Smokers have battled for years to get off cigarettes, and many have tried all sorts of remedies and cessation methods — only for them not to work and so they end up lighting up all over again. It’s always been a huge battle and one that many people just cannot seem to win because their addiction to nicotine is too strong and they cannot shake it without some... Read More

electronic cigarette over a dark background. E-cigarette for vaping. Popular devices of the year - modern vaping device. Stop smoking,start vaping vape 24/06/2019

British People Still Mostly Unaware of Vaping’s Benefits

E-cigarettes are great for getting people off tobacco, but not everyone knows it. There’s so much information coming out now about vaping and how it’s so much better than smoking, and a real and workable solution for anyone who’s trying to give up cigarettes and get healthy, that you’d think most of us would be aware of it. After all, such leading health institutions as the NHS, Public Health England (PHE), the Royal College of Surgeons and others have been telling us for several years now that, based on their... Read More


From Iceland to Japan: How Attitudes Towards Vaping Vary in 10 Popular Holiday Destinations

It’s officially holiday season; you’ll likely hear some co-workers and friends bragging about the great places they are heading to. Sure, a trip to Southend-on-Sea might be fun for some, but if you’re heading a little further afield you may be wondering how the locals are going to react to you vaping while exploring. Fear not, we’ll do our best to fill you in! On a serious note, vaping is illegal in several countries and you could face jail time if you do. For a list of countries where vaping... Read More


World No Tobacco Day: Breathe Easy with Vaping!

Today is World No Tobacco Day. Tobacco kills one person every 4 seconds. As a substance, tobacco is thought to account for over 8 million deaths every year, making up a significant percentage of all global deaths. If a disease was spreading and causing this many deaths a year, it would be a top priority to eradicate it as quickly as possible. Fortunately, the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken the mantle and launched a huge campaign to inform people about the risks of smoking tobacco. A quick reminder: the... Read More

Ultimate Guide to Starting Vaping 22/05/2019

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Vaping

The e-cigarette’s origins lie in the heady days of the 1960s, but back then no one was interested. Now, it’s a different story, and vaping has exploded in popularity and is helping to keep people off cigarettes and save lives. These days it’s almost impossible to avoid e-cigarettes and the fast-growing world of vaping. It seems as though everywhere you turn there’s an image advertising vaping or someone is vaping on the street beside you or another vape shop has popped up in town. Turn on the telly to watch... Read More

F1 II 16/04/2019

Is Formula One Out of Gear with Vaping Ads?

Big Tobacco is revving up for more e-cigarette sales by advertising on F1 cars — but will the marketing tactic sell? Cigarette giant British American Tobacco (BAT) is back in the superfast world of Formula One racing and has plastered vaping ads all over British partner McLaren’s cars as they race all around the world and attempt to win this year’s championship. It marks the return of the billion-pound tobacco company to the global motorsport extravaganza after tobacco ads were banned from Formula One in 2016. BAT’s ads made their... Read More


NEW STORE OPENING: Electric Tobacconist To Open Its First Retail Store in Scotland

“We’re a tad behind, but well on the way to opening perhaps the most exciting vape store on the planet. And I’m not even exaggerating!” – Pascal Culverhouse, Founder and CEO. After 6 years of success online, we feel ready for the next step for the company: Opening a new, physical vape store! “Project Sylvester” has been a long time under way. We started planning this about 18 months ago and saw the initial architect drawings in July 2018 after a long, 16-week planning permission approval process. “We were subject to an Environmental... Read More

The Business of Brexit and How It's Impacting Vaping Companies 29/03/2019

The Business of Brexit and How It’s Impacting Vaping Companies

In or out? No one seemingly knows if, or when, the UK will depart from the EU. (This blog will be updated as new information about the Brexit process becomes available.) Update 12/04/2019: Following Theresa May’s visit to the EU summit, the official deadline for the UK’s departure from the EU is now the 31st of October, 2019. The UK can leave prior to this date if an agreement is made. For now, we’ll have to sit tight and hope that progress is made in parliament. In the meantime, all regulations... Read More