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Vaper’s tongue can strike without warning, ruining your vaping-flavour experience. 22/01/2019

No Need to Feel Down in the Mouth about Vaper’s Tongue — Here’s How to Lick It

Wondering how to get rid of vaper’s tongue — and what exactly it is and what causes it? We delve deep into this peculiar condition and wrap our tongue around some solutions. Seasoned vapers know the routine, and newcomers to the world of vaping might be surprised, and even shocked, when it happens: one day you’re merrily vaping away and enjoying the e-liquid flavour you’re used to, when all of a sudden you lose your sense of taste, or just can’t taste anything at all when you vape. It’s a... Read More

Man in red shirt hugging dog 21/12/2018

Can I Vape Around my Pet? How To Keep Your four-Legged Friend Safe

It’s coming up to the most wonderful time of the year, and that means you’re bound to spend some time around your family and friends. Pets are family too, but they aren’t as communicative as your nephew or stepmother may be; “What’s that thing you keep smoking on?” said no dog. Ever. A lot of people are unsure of how vaping, and more specifically the vapour that is produced in the process, can affect your pet. It’s good to be in the know, so here’s a definitive guide on what... Read More

Popular vaping device mod. vape. vape smoke - Image 14/12/2018

2018: A Year in UK Vaping Progression

The world of vaping in the United Kingdom started 2018 with a bang — tremendous news for supporters and lovers of e-cigarettes who have used them to reclaim control over their lives by finally unshackling themselves from the fierce burden of tobacco and all the unhealthy and downright deadly risks it carries. It came from one of the highest medical authorities in the land, Public Health England (PHE), and as the otherwise tumultuous year rolled on and Britain remained convulsed by the divisions, fevers and vast uncertainties brought about by... Read More

Man in car with SMOK vape kit 28/11/2018

A Look at What We Know about the Actual Health Risks of Vaping

We’re told that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking, but what are the actual health risks of vaping? We’re starting to learn a lot more about vaping and how it affects the human body, thanks to a growing amount of medical research in recent years, much of it from British institutions that are opening up whole new insights into e-cigarettes and their use. And let’s not forget that vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, both here in the UK and around the world. While e-cigarettes and other vape gear started to... Read More

Young man using electronic cigarette to smoke in public places.Smoke restriction, smoking ban.Using vaping device with flavoured liquid.Smoking habit, nicotine addict, tobacco industry 21/11/2018

Vaping and Public Health: An Examination

If you’re trying to figure out what is important for the public to know about vaping, you’ve come to the right place. Many people remain confused about vaping and how it stacks up against smoking, which, as most people are now aware, is incredibly bad for your health and actually deadly. We know now that tobacco kills half its users, and that leads to a shocking death toll of at least 100,000 people in the UK each year and seven million lives lost around the world — including close to... Read More

how to find the best vaping device 14/11/2018

How to Find a Vape Pen That’s Right for You and Your Pocket

Among the many questions that those new to vaping often ask is “how much does a good vape pen cost?” Most people who smoke are used to buying the same pack of cigarettes all the time; generally, they’re not interested in other brands or flavours and have possibly bought the same brand for many years. But when they consider switching to vaping instead of smoking, so that they can protect themselves from the real harms of tobacco while still getting the nicotine they want, it can often be a puzzling... Read More

Best vape for me 07/11/2018

Which type of vape kit is best for me? A guide to choosing your next device

Ex-smokers, vaping enthusiasts or complete beginners – there is a vape kit suited to everyone. If you’re looking to start vaping or move over to a new device, it’s important to choose one that fits your situation and preferences. A bad experience due to having the wrong kit is surprisingly common, yet easily avoidable. Vaping has been around for quite some time now, which means there are thousands of different devices available to you. With choice comes variety, and variety can be confusing. When browsing for your ideal vape, the different... Read More


The Best Pod Mods of 2018

Pod mods are quickly becoming the next big thing, but which devices are the best? The pod mod market is quickly growing, with a new kit becoming available nearly every week. It can be tricky to spot the best amongst the crowd, so we’re going to help you do just that. Looking to quit? Many find pod mod systems to be an excellent cigarette deterrent. Small in size, pocketable and often providing a substantial nicotine hit, if you’re looking to kick the habit you’re in the right place. ‘Pod Mod’... Read More

Liquid for vaper, soaring, electronic cigarettes. Vape juice containers with flavor. Smoke clouds and vape liquid bottles. 22/10/2018

A Guide to Vape Juice for Beginners

Understanding everything about vaping means being totally knowledgeable about vape juice and the many forms it comes in. Here’s our guide to vape juice for beginners. Whatever type of vape gear you’re using, or considering buying, if you’re just starting out in the great and exciting world of vaping, the gear will come with vape juice. It’s not really “juice”, of course, or certainly not of the kind you buy in a carton in the supermarket. Instead, it’s a combination of ingredients that allow you to vape. It’s also known... Read More

Young man vaping in closed public space. 15/10/2018

What Is the Legal Age to Vape Around the World?

Just because vapes are available everywhere, including online, and cost little compared to cigarettes, doesn’t mean anyone can buy them. Vaping is a great activity if you just want to enjoy the fun of it and all the fruity (and other) flavours, and if you want to blow big clouds and get involved in exciting cloud chasing competitions. It’s especially good for anyone who has been a smoker and is on their journey towards a smoke-free and much healthier lifestyle. But vaping is not for everyone, especially if you’re underage.... Read More