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Best vape for me 07/11/2018

Which type of vape kit is best for me? A guide to choosing your next device

Ex-smokers, vaping enthusiasts or complete beginners – there is a vape kit suited to everyone. If you’re looking to start vaping or move over to a new device, it’s important to choose one that fits your situation and preferences. A bad experience due to having the wrong kit is surprisingly common, yet easily avoidable. Vaping has been around for quite some time now, which means there are thousands of different devices available to you. With choice comes variety, and variety can be confusing. When browsing for your ideal vape, the different... Read More


The Best Pod Mods of 2018 (So Far)

Pod mods are quickly becoming the next big thing, but which devices are the best? The pod mod market is quickly growing, with a new kit becoming available nearly every week. It can be tricky to spot the best amongst the crowd, so we’re going to help you do just that. Stoptober is in full swing, and many find pod mod systems to be an excellent cigarette deterrent. Small in size, pocketable and often providing a substantial nicotine hit, if you’re looking to kick the habit you’re in the right... Read More

Liquid for vaper, soaring, electronic cigarettes. Vape juice containers with flavor. Smoke clouds and vape liquid bottles. 22/10/2018

A Guide to Vape Juice for Beginners

Understanding everything about vaping means being totally knowledgeable about vape juice and the many forms it comes in. Here’s our guide to vape juice for beginners. Whatever type of vape gear you’re using, or considering buying, if you’re just starting out in the great and exciting world of vaping, the gear will come with vape juice. It’s not really “juice”, of course, or certainly not of the kind you buy in a carton in the supermarket. Instead, it’s a combination of ingredients that allow you to vape. It’s also known... Read More

Young man vaping in closed public space. 15/10/2018

What Is the Legal Age to Vape Around the World?

Just because vapes are available everywhere, including online, and cost little compared to cigarettes, doesn’t mean anyone can buy them. Vaping is a great activity if you just want to enjoy the fun of it and all the fruity (and other) flavours, and if you want to blow big clouds and get involved in exciting cloud chasing competitions. It’s especially good for anyone who has been a smoker and is on their journey towards a smoke-free and much healthier lifestyle. But vaping is not for everyone, especially if you’re underage.... Read More

The belly of a pregnant woman 08/10/2018

We Ask: Can You Vape When Pregnant?

Vapes may be much safer than smoking, but can you still vape while pregnant? Thanks to a growing amount of scientific and medical research, and increasing levels of public information, more people are learning that vaping contains almost none of the many hazards of smoking. In the UK, we’re told by the health authorities that vaping is “at least 95%” safer than lighting up cigarettes, a figure that is propelling many smokers to switch to e-cigarettes and stamp out smoking for good. But while expectant women are certainly not advised... Read More

No Vaping sign. Vape silver electronic cigarette device. Vector illustration. 03/10/2018

Stoptober Puts More Focus on E-Cigarettes in Quit-Smoking Battle

The government is looking for any way it can to get people off deadly cigarettes and is pinning its hopes on vaping. It’s October, and that means Stoptober. The NHS’ annual stop-smoking campaign is once again upon us and, here at Electric Tobacconist, we fully support its efforts to get people to finally stub out for good and save lives. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the UK and every year around 100,000 people lose their lives to tobacco. The good news amid this grim situation is... Read More

holding e liquid bottle for electronic cigarette, isolated ecig flavor bottle for vape devices over a black background 26/09/2018

So What Is in Vape Juice Anyway?

Different elements combine to make vape juice; here’s what they are. Getting to grips with vaping means understanding the various components that make up an e-cigarette. One of the most important is vape juice, because that’s what will ultimately provide you with the experience you’re after, including the taste and flavour, and the nicotine hit, if you want it. So what is in vape juice, and what kind might be best suited to you? Here, we provide a brief overview of vape juice, so that you can enhance your own... Read More

Businessman offers a choice between tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette - retro style 19/09/2018

What Happens When You Stop Smoking and Start Vaping?

Find out here what happens when you stop smoking and start vaping. Smoking tobacco takes an incredible toll on the human body, and it’s not surprising why. Anyone who regularly inhales an enormous amount of poisonous substances is bound to expect trouble at some stage. And it turns out that you don’t even have to be a regular smoker to fall victim to tobacco-related conditions and illnesses, as researchers have discovered that just one cigarette a day is as bad for your health as half a pack. It’s no wonder... Read More

Vaping by electronic cigarette fat man using smart-phone on the bridge at night city. 12/09/2018

Does Vaping Really Make You Fat?

If you’re wondering if vaping makes you fat, consider the alternative: deadly cigarettes. The French famously don’t want to stop smoking because they fear they will get fat — and to the super-sophisticated Gallic folk, nothing could be worse. Even as more people switch to vaping to try to get off unhealthy cigarettes, in some quarters, there remains a reluctance to do so, because of the traditional belief that smoking keeps you thin. Recent studies have, in fact, shown that nicotine can suppress the appetite and, therefore, cause people to... Read More

MORGANTOWN, WV - 25 AUGUST 2018: Juul e-cigarette or nicotine vapor dispenser box and JUULpod on white background 05/09/2018

‘Super-Cool’ Juul Has Arrived in the UK. But What Is a Juul?

Are you cool enough to Juul? Find out why the sleek vape pen is taking the UK by storm. Even people who thought they might never take up vaping are curious. Newspaper headlines in recent weeks have been blaring news of the arrival of what some are calling a “super-cool e-cigarette” and many people are curious to know what it is and what all the fuss is about. Say hello to Juul, the product of a startup in California whose two founders, former smokers, went about creating what they hoped... Read More