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Man with beard vaping electronic cigarette outdoor 12/09/2017

The Best E-Cigs for Autumn 2017

As the weather starts to change and the nights get longer, It’s a great time to indulge and treat yourself to ease off the post-summer blues. Whether it’s a sun-soaked holiday, a new pair of shoes, or even one of the best e-cigs around, it’s important to stay upbeat and positive as autumn comes around! Upgrading your vape kit, or even deciding to take up vaping, can be a great personal present that enriches your life. We’ve compiled a detailed list of our current favourites so you can get the... Read More

88 vape 1 pound e-liquid 05/09/2017

Why the Tobacco Products Directive Can’t Stop The £1 E-Liquid Market

As most people are already aware, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into effect during May of this year. While everyone in the industry was apprehensive of the damage it could have caused, it’s still quite unclear as to what the fallout will be. Recent statistics suggest that the global electronic cigarette market is set to reach over £34.2 billion within the next seven years, rising from £4.7 billion in 2016. It’s difficult to imagine that that the UK’s electronic cigarette market is going to shrink anytime soon, even with... Read More

spectacular young brunette outside uses fashionable and healthy e-cigarette 21/08/2017

E-Cigarette Brands in Focus: Joyetech and the Atopack Penguin Pod Mod

Joyetech has been producing and designing e-cigarettes for the UK since 2007, taking the market by storm in 2012 with the first ever “intelligent” e-cigarette (the eVic) with variable wattage and temperature data. This model was then developed to become one of the leading temperature control box mods of 2015. Since then, Joyetech has continued to produce some of our favourite e-cigarettes in the UK. It’s got an answer for just about everything, with a wide variety of styles and prices that would suit any vaper. But we’re going to... Read More

Different re-fill bottles for e-cigarettes, close up 11/08/2017

The Lost E-Liquids of the Tobacco Products Directive

As the great British summer continues to surprise us with thunderstorms and heatwaves, the UK’s e-cigarette industry is still reeling from the full implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Whilst consumers might not have felt a great deal of change since May, there are producers and vendors across the country who had been preparing for this months in advance. The UK’s e-cigarette industry has enjoyed a fairly fast and unhindered growth since exploding onto the market in 2009. While some sources still predict the UK’s e-cigarette market to continue... Read More

Rolled Up Newspaper with Headline of Fake News Isolated on White Background. 07/08/2017

What does an E-Cigarette and Jeremy Corbyn Have in Common?

So you might be wondering where we’re going with this. Bear with us, as it might seem difficult to find any comparisons between the leader of the Labour Party and the UK’s leading tobacco smoking cessation device. However, in recent years we’ve seen the unsettling rise of fake news. In some situations this has gone as far as to be described as libel. In fact, both Jeremy Corbyn and the UK’s e-cigarette industry have been on the tail end of aggressive fake news campaigns. Photo Credits: uk.businessinsider.com Along with the... Read More

No Smoking,To yourself to your surroundings better 02/08/2017

How E-Cigarettes in the UK are Leading the Fight Against Tobacco Smoke

While it’s pretty obvious that we love vaping, there are still plenty of e-cigarette sceptics in the UK and beyond. However, in light of recent statistics published by the National Health Service (NHS), the Office for National Statistics and Public Health England, the percentage of people in the UK who smoke is at an all time low. Part of this success is due to the fact that over half of the e-cigarette users in the UK have been able to quit smoking tobacco completely. Unfortunately, studies still show that some... Read More

Smok G-PRIV 220 Mod 25/07/2017

E-Cigarette Brands in Focus: Smok Alien and the Baby Beast Tank

Smok’s popular Smok Alien and other vaping devices are taking global e-cigarette markets by storm. Smok is among the most vibrant e-cigarette manufacturers operating in the UK market today. Based in the innovative business city of Shenzhen, China, the range of Smok e-cigarettes are particularly known for their striking design, attention to detail and style. Here at Electric Tobacconist UK, we have an extensive range of Smok vaping products, including the popular Smok Alien vaping devices. The eye-catching Smok Alien Kit is also in demand and includes a 220w Box Mod and... Read More

Young man vaping electronic cigarette and sitting on the tree. Daylight summer shot. 19/07/2017

Why the E-Cigarette Is Even Better in the Summer?

Summertime, and the vaping is easy… The long, dark, dreary days of winter are gone — for now — and replaced with the warm, sultry and exciting times of summer. With the sun on our skin and a spring in our step, it’s no wonder many of us feel our best at this time of year. It’s also a super time to vape. Lots of people have finally managed to give up cigarettes and vape instead, and there are those who have never smoked at all but are now vaping. For... Read More

A handsome guy with a beard smokes an electronic cigarette on the background of mountains and flags of different countries 12/07/2017

A Guide to Travelling with Your E-Cigarette in Europe This Summer

Different countries have different rules about vaping and related products. Read up before you set off, so you’re not left out in the cold when you arrive at your destination. Summer is the perfect time to head out and explore the very best of Europe, traveling right around the continent and experiencing all that rich culture and history close up. Those vapers among us will naturally be taking their e-cigarettes and e-liquid along with them for the journey, adding extra enjoyment to their spells abroad during one of best times of the... Read More

Heap of Tobacco Cigarettes Front View close up Stack background texture 05/07/2017

How the Tobacco Products Directive Fails to Reduce Cigarette Smoking

Measures designed to get people in Europe off cigarettes are not working as more people than ever are smoking, but growing numbers are instead starting to vape. The EU’s ambitious Tobacco Products Directive appears to have gone up in smoke after regulations to try and stop people from smoking seem to have done the exact opposite. Since May last year, member states of the EU have been required to comply with the directive that was designed to ensure “a high level of health protection for European citizens”. Among the directive’s... Read More