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Applying liquid with nicotine in the coils on the RDA 25/06/2018

Is No Nicotine Vaping Bad for You?

Vapes may contain nicotine, or just flavours, but is no nicotine vaping bad for you? Many people switch to e-cigarettes to stop smoking and become healthier, as well as saving themselves a small fortune as costs of cigarettes continue to rise due to government taxation. E-cigarettes and the e-liquid they contain may have different levels of nicotine, but they can also have none — just flavourings (alongside the PG and VG that also make up e-liquid). What many people who start using e-cigarettes and other vaping devices want to know,... Read More

Men with beard vaping outdoor in sunglasses, focus on steam 20/06/2018

What Is a Cloud Chasing Vape?

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what is a cloud chasing vape?” and have yet to find out, you’ve come to the right place. Anyone who knows anything about vaping is surely aware of the ability of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices to produce vast plumes of vapour (and a good set of lungs helps). This has given rise to a kind of vaping subculture known as cloud chasing. Along the way, it’s become something people do for kicks as well as serious-money competitions. So, what is a cloud chasing vape,... Read More

Young woman have a choice between tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette 13/06/2018

Is It Cheaper to Smoke or Vape?

The high price of cigarettes mean they are now a luxury for many people — and some are wondering if it is cheaper to smoke or vape.     Anyone who smokes knows there’s nothing cheap about it, in terms of financial costs and the heavy toll it takes on people’s health. Governments around the world have long had a policy of increasing taxes on cigarettes, in an attempt to try and get people to quit and become healthier. Many, however, continue to puff away and pour massive amounts of... Read More

Pretty young hipster woman in black hat vape ecig, vaping device at the sunset. Toned image 06/06/2018

The Essential Beginners Guide to Vaping

Don’t know your mods from your tanks and coils? Never fear — here’s your own beginners guide to vaping! Most people have only known about vaping for a few years. The industry is still in its infancy and there’s still a lot to learn — on all sides. In fact, Public Health England said earlier this year that there’s a substantial amount of misunderstanding about e-cigarettes, and that it’s leading to around 40% of smokers not even trying them. It’s a critical health issue: smoking kills around half those who... Read More

Vapers gathered to protest the introduction of new laws that would treat vaping like smoking 21/05/2018

What New Vaping Laws Should You Be Aware Of?

New vaping laws are coming in all the time, or being amended, as this relatively new industry grows. Developments happen quick and fast in the vaping industry. This is because it hasn’t been around all that long and only really took off in the last few years, as rising numbers of people found out about e-cigarettes and started using them. Of course, the industry has soared to new heights as smokers discover they could use vape gear to successfully, and finally, get off deadly tobacco. Since then, governments around the... Read More


We Need To Talk About Gamucci

Dear Gamucci user, You will have no doubt noticed that our stock of Gamucci products has been greatly limited over the past few months. Sadly, the company that owns Gamucci has run into financial difficulties and is no longer able to offer us a consistent supply of stock. This has had an impact on the level of service we provide to our customers, many of whom have been disappointed that we have been unable to reach our usual standards of service. It is for this reason that we have taken... Read More

international exhibition and conference of VAPE-industry 14/05/2018

UK Vape Events to Look Out for Later This Year

Want to share your love of vaping with like-minded people at huge events? Here are the best UK vape events to consider attending in the rest of 2018. The increasing popularity of vaping means there’s lot of great UK vape events to attend — and this year, it seems as though there are more than ever. Going to one or more is a fantastic way to learn about this fast-developing sector, pick up vaping tips and explore the growing number of innovate vape products coming onto the market. So, here... Read More

View from the side of a young man smoking an e-cigarette as he drives his car on an urban street 07/05/2018

Is It Illegal to Vape and Drive in the UK?

Recent media reports about e-cigs and vehicles have many people wondering whether it’s illegal to vape and drive in the UK. Here, we give you the answers. Earlier this year, newspaper headlines screamed that people could be fined thousands of pounds if they were caught vaping while behind the wheel. This caused alarm among the many people who use e-cigarettes, including when they’re driving. The public was left scratching their heads and wondering: is it illegal to vape and drive in the UK? But the breathless headlines that mainly appeared... Read More

young beautiful girl enjoys electronic cigarette the Sunny weather 02/05/2018

VApril Helping to Drive UK to a Smoke-Free Nation

All over the UK during VApril, people were giving up smoking by vaping instead. VApril, by all accounts, was a roaring success. The first ever vaping awareness and education month was designed to give a boost to the booming e-cigarette sector and spread the word that vaping is far healthier than smoking — and one of the best ways of kicking the unhealthy habit for good. Organised by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), a group of vaping manufacturers, distributors and retailers (of which Electric Tobacconist is a member), VApril... Read More

man in a sky blue polo talking to the sales lady inside an electronic cigarette store 16/04/2018

How British Vape Shops Are Helping to Stub Out Smoking

Our vape shops do more than just sell vaping gear. It turns out that all those vape shops you see popping up all over the place are not just selling e-cigarettes and thousands of e-liquids, but are acting as a sort of one-stop support shop for people desperately trying to quit smoking. That’s according to new research from the University of East Anglia, which we’ll get to in a moment. First, to get an idea of smoking’s hold over people, it’s worthwhile knowing that, on average, it can take up... Read More